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Safety & Behavior

Christine Ruffolo   The following is part one of my course notes and findings from Stress, Movement, and Pain.   Linked through the perception of

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The Work of Bal-A-Vis-X

Christine Ruffolo   Please note that this is documenting one person’s experience with a single Bal-A-Vis-X training weekend.  Like any other system presented here, it

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An Introduction to Rolfing

Christine Ruffolo   A community class titled, “Self-Care for the Nervous System” made it’s way into my facebook feed and given the reasonable price ($15-$35,

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Matan Levowich

Christine Ruffolo   Matan Levkowich is a dancer, choreographer, and martial artist.  Another of the incredible Israeli movers, he is able to pluck out threads

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Inside Ido’s EMM

Christian Paev   European Movement Meeting, August 2018. Lisbon, Ginasio de Portuguese. 7 floor facility for movement-purposes. We occupied 3 studios on the 5th and

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Tom Weksler

Christine Ruffolo   Tom Weksler’s Movement Archery workshop was a lesson in angular momentum.  We rolled, we spun, we bruised our pointy bits.  Imagine an archer

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Form Follows Function

Christine Ruffolo   Form Follows Function was a 6-hour Axis Syllabus themed workshop that combined elements of anatomy, contact improv, and dance.  Spread over two

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The Musicality of Being

Seth Dellinger   Space, ground, breath & sound Resonance Musicality   Is there a formula for feeling connected – to yourself, to other people, and your world?

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Why Feldenkrais?

Nadia Genois « A healthy person is one who can fully live their unavowed dreams » 3   Why Feldenkrais ?   Learning. Curiosity. Awareness. Fun. Mind body.

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Are You on Autopilot?

Christian Rabhansl I see this article as an approach to explain the Feldenkrais Method from a specific angle. These thoughts were first written round about

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Fighting Monkey

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Hand-Foot Coordination

Fanny Tulloch     View this post on Instagram   Hand-Foot coordination ⁣ ⁣ Coordination is seriously important to the efficiency by which we move.

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A Simple Strap

Miguel Viero       View this post on Instagram   Juegos estratégicos. Enraizamento de pies. Distribución de carga. Organización estructural. Juega Observa Relaja Tensa

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Ball on Block Tasks

Miguel Viero     View this post on Instagram   Ideas de Situaciones Jogos Tareas de movimiento. ⠀ Una pelota de tenis (u otra cualquiera)

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Footwork & Force

Miguel Viero     View this post on Instagram   «Pies ignorados. Raíces olvidadas. La posición de los pies y la distancia entre ellos determina

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Becoming Yourself

Chandler Stevens Why does it take us so long to be ourselves? How can a movement practice bring us a deeper understanding of how we

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Elderly ‘Exercise’

Michael Ryan Recorded conversation with my teacher, Jozef Frucek. Dated December 10th 2016. There’s no denying what Jozef is saying, but rarely would anyone articulate

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Fighting Monkey Athletic Development

  Creative challenges of space, tracking, and coordination #athletictraining #sportsperformance #precision #sensitivity #perception #reaction #timing #rhythm #coordination #neuroplasticity #exposure #creativity #fightingmonkey_rootlessroot A post shared by

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The World of Fighting Monkey

Christine Ruffolo   Doing without knowing. Playing, creating, learning. Adjusting and adapting. Describing Fighting Monkey is an act in organizing verbs. Everything overlaps and intertwines

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Functional Range Conditioning


Critical Look #1 – FRC

Christine Ruffolo   ‘Critical Look’ challenges the way systemic information is presented and questions the story being told.   Personal background with system – attended

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spinalift off

Lift-Offs and Passive Holds

Christine Ruffolo   Systemized by functional range conditioning (FRC), lift-offs are an ingenious way to focus on stability to achieve gains in mobility. Lift-offs are

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MovNat Level 1

Christine Ruffolo   The two-day level one workshop is designed to give participants entrance level skills of walking, hanging, crawling, jumping, and throwing.  The MovNat

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Postural Restoration Institute


PRI: The Big Three

Christine Ruffolo Postural Restoration addresses the anatomical imbalances of the body by inhibiting certain areas by position and purposefully engaging others.  A big idea is

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Space Shifting

Andre Miller       View this post on Instagram   Toes to wall overhead atg squat for mobility. Form cues intended to maintain posture

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Softness vs. Stiffness

Andre Miller     View this post on Instagram   Una ejercisios combinacion fantasica. Es sola un combinacion de ejersisios entre un multitudes de ejersisios.

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