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(Please note that the information presented here is not meant to supersede the personal experience of actually attending. Rather, it represents what a contributor found particularly interesting / meaningful through their individual filter.)

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Almog Loven Part 1: Physical

Christine Ruffolo I got to the Finnish Hall early.  I always get there early, especially on the first day.  I ...
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An Introduction to Rolfing

Christine Ruffolo A community class titled, “Self-Care for the Nervous System” made it’s way into my facebook feed and given ...
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Matan Levowich

Christine Ruffolo Matan Levkowich is a dancer, choreographer, and martial artist.  Another of the incredible Israeli movers, he is able ...
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Inside Ido’s EMM

Christian Paev European Movement Meeting, August 2018. Lisbon, Ginasio de Portuguese. 7 floor facility for movement-purposes. We occupied 3 studios ...
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Tom Weksler

Christine Ruffolo Tom Weksler’s Movement Archery workshop was a lesson in angular momentum.  We rolled, we spun, we bruised our pointy ...
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Form Follows Function

Christine Ruffolo Form Follows Function was a 6-hour Axis Syllabus themed workshop that combined elements of anatomy, contact improv, and ...
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Hunting Surprise through Axis Syllabus

Dare Sohei Surprise is a chimera of sensations and emotions. With the head of Desire, wings of Anticipation, and the ...
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A Raw and Honest Wavering of Belief

Nadia Genois I haven’t written anything in a long time. When I joined this project, I had expectations. I wanted ...
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Connecting Feldenkrais with Pole

Nadia Genois This has been a long time coming. It seemed it should have been easy, connecting two passions together ...
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Why Feldenkrais?

Nadia Genois « A healthy person is one who can fully live their unavowed dreams » 3 Why Feldenkrais ? Learning. Curiosity. Awareness ...
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Are You on Autopilot?

Christian Rabhansl I see this article as an approach to explain the Feldenkrais Method from a specific angle. These thoughts ...
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A Feldenkrais Experience

In a top floor studio space that felt more like a cozy attic, I had a revelation. A soft-spoken yet ...
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Fighting Monkey

Becoming Yourself

Chandler Stevens Why does it take us so long to be ourselves? How can a movement practice bring us a ...
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Elderly ‘Exercise’

Michael Ryan Recorded conversation with my teacher, Jozef Frucek. Dated December 10th 2016. There’s no denying what Jozef is saying, ...
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Fighting Monkey Athletic Development

Creative challenges of space, tracking, and coordination #athletictraining #sportsperformance #precision #sensitivity #perception #reaction #timing #rhythm #coordination #neuroplasticity #exposure #creativity #fightingmonkey_rootlessroot ...
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The World of Fighting Monkey Part 2

Christine Ruffolo **Part One of this series can be found here. Engaging with your work demands a certain degree of ...
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The World of Fighting Monkey

Christine Ruffolo Doing without knowing. Playing, creating, learning. Adjusting and adapting. Describing Fighting Monkey is an act in organizing verbs ...
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Functional Range Conditioning

Neurological Tension & Expanding Range

Brian Fox View this post on Instagram On our journey to increase physical capacities, my client and I aimed our ...
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Functional Range Systems – Hip Internal Rotation

Brian Fox ASSESS View this post on Instagram #Repost @jquintnmt with @get_repost ・・・ This is first of several videos between ...
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Critical Look #1 – FRC

Christine Ruffolo ‘Critical Look’ challenges the way systemic information is presented and questions the story being told. Personal background with ...
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FR Systems Movement Coaching

Brian Fox FR Systems & Kettlebell coaching. ➡FRA (Spine): Low back pain. Kyphotic, hinge points at cervical level 5/6, T12/L1 ...
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FRC 101: An Elegant Framework for Improving Mobility

Chandler Stevens Functional Range Conditioning (FRC) is an empirically-driven thought process around mobility developed by Dr. Andreo Spina.  After attending ...
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Decoding PAILs and RAILs

Christine Ruffolo The one flaw in the Functional Range Conditioning system is its heavy use of acronyms. It has created ...
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Getting Articular Independence

Christine Ruffolo As examined in my previous post, joint function defines what kind of movements you are prepared to perform ...
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The NEW Joint-By-Joint Approach

Christine Ruffolo The popular — and still conceptually relevant — joint-by-joint approach championed a decade ago lent logic to the idea that ...
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Exploring Controlled Articular Rotations (CARs)

Christine Ruffolo Controlled Articular Rotations (CARs) are the entrance point to Dr. Andreo Spina’s Functional Range Conditioning system: They are ...
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The Interesting Science Behind Functional Range Conditioning

Christine Ruffolo Functional Range Conditioning (FRC) is a system of creating, controlling, and expanding useable range of motion, defined as ...
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Lift-Offs and Passive Holds

Christine Ruffolo Systemized by functional range conditioning (FRC), lift-offs are an ingenious way to focus on stability to achieve gains ...
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MovNat Level 1

Christine Ruffolo The two-day level one workshop is designed to give participants entrance level skills of walking, hanging, crawling, jumping, ...
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Postural Restoration Institute

Postural Restoration : A Review

Tyler Wall The human body is an amazing, beautiful, extraordinary, asymmetrical, and resilient piece of organic machinery.  The more I ...
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PRI: The Big Three

Christine Ruffolo Postural Restoration addresses the anatomical imbalances of the body by inhibiting certain areas by position and purposefully engaging ...
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An Introduction to PRI: Sagittal Plane Dysfunction

There are a multitude of different corrective methods out there that seek to improve joint position, therefore affecting joint stability, ...
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The Seven Systema Principles of Breathing

Andre Miller Breath is The Great Communicator within the body. Awareness is the product of electrical potentiation within the nervous ...
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Breath, Kinetic Energy, Creativity

Andre Miller Good people of the Earth! Coming to you live and direct from a bit earlier today, it’s #rootsfitness ...
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Systema – Basics and Developing Ideas

Andre Miller Systema is a Russian martial art based on fluidity and effortless movement.  The following games and demonstrations hope ...
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A Weekend with Z Health

A Weekend with Z Health, by Jeremy Fein I got glasses when I was 3, and started wearing them when ...
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