Care Culture

An Interactive of Our Work & Selves

  Teachers as students, with a sincere desire to know and understand.  


Care is to offer without transaction, to invite and spend time with, to share and be shared with.

WE VALUE WHAT WE GIVE AWAY, and offer what we have an abundance of.

Free thoughts lead to found people, which is the most valuable resource of all.  

So here.  Have.  We made this for you.


Aug 10-11th Woodburn, Oregon

CareLabs are an annual coming together, either in real life or virtually,
that allow us to teach and learn from one another in real time.

There is no charge to attend and we welcome outside participants.

Below are recordings of our gatherings.

CareLab 2023 -- Articulation Games III

The Articulation (or 'Art' ) Games are an online test of teaching and communication skills.

Challenges are presented and participants must navigate instruction, often under surprising circumstances.

CareLab 2022 -- East Coast Social

No presentations. Just humans reminding us of our humanity.
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CareLab 2021 -- West Coast Social

CareLab 2020 -- Carmel, California

ADARIAN BARR: The Potential in the Transverse Arch

JORDAN TERRY: Moving Bones with Breath

CareLab 2019 -- Woodburn, Oregon

Interest in these events or discussions does not require any sort of commitment. There are no requirements nor qualifications. You are free to come and go as you please, to silently observe or teach or simply discuss. We seek to provide welcoming eyes and ears to encourage exchange.

Recorded Group Discussions

#2- Dating People in the Industry

Calls Including the Public (TM+)

#3 - A yoga teacher/bike enthusiast joins Michael Ryan and Chris Ruffolo to discuss the many gaps in PE.

Finding Common Ground

Two different people from two different walks of life seek to find appreciation in one another.

#2. A sensitive fisherman and competitive fighter discuss masculinity and ego.