An Interactive of Our Work & Selves

It is not far from motion to emotion, and from there to thoughts and beliefs.  From here it is not far to relationships and learning from one another.  Teachers as students, with a sincere desire to know and understand.  Care is to offer without transaction, to invite and spend time with, to share and be shared with.

The table has been set, the food has been prepared, and we invite you to sit, enjoy, and engage as you most feel comfortable.  We recognize that some, maybe most, will choose to take and leave.  But we also believe that there are some, maybe many, that want the relationship to be reciprocal.  When given something, they wish to give something in return.


What we do depends on what we have an abundance of.  

Whether it’s money, time, or help in being seen, WE VALUE WHAT WE GIVE AWAY.  

So here.  Have.  We made this for you.


CareLab 2019 -- Woodburn, Oregon

CareLab 2019: Setting the Table & Systema

Jennifer Pilotti: Feet & Pelvis, Part 1

Jennifer Pilotti: Feet & Pelvis, Part 2

Cat Cowey: Training Hypermobiles, Part 1

Cat Cowey: Training Hypermobiles, Part 2

Gary Stockdale: Land Lessons Through Water (Part 1)

Gary Stockdale: Stroke Mechanics (Part 2)

Jereme Sanders: Beginning Parkour

Chris Ruffolo: Building Reciprocal Relationships (part 1)

Chris Ruffolo: Building Reciprocal Relationships (part 2)

Mars Ciccarelli: Body Mapping & Listening (Part 1)

Mars Ciccarelli: Center Line & Sensitivity (Part 2)

Mars Ciccarelli: Connection & Collaboration (Part 3)

Mars Ciccarelli: Competition & Control (Part 4)

Jim Freda: Deep Inner Core (part 2)

Sam Faulhaber: The Implications of Touch (part 2)

Recorded Group Discussions

#1 - Working with Different Age Groups

#2- Dating People in the Industry

#3 - Developing Training Personas

#4 - Determining Your Crossroads & Value

#5 - Privilege & The Nervous System

#6 - Privilege & Movement Culture

Calls Including the Public (TM+)

Finding Common Ground

An academic and a forager discuss the affects of environment.