Systema – Basics and Developing Ideas

Systema – Basics and Developing Ideas

Andre Miller

Systema is a Russian martial art based on fluidity and effortless movement.  The following games and demonstrations hope to guide the user into its basic principles and applicable tangents.


Low Pushover

 OBJECTIVE: push partner over by pressing against torso

Develops softness, tension awareness, and alignment of actions/interactions with breathing

Key points:

  • both force and leverage at play here
  • try to trap partner in a line of tension
  • slow and deliberate
  • use exhale to release tension and free up motion
  • breath around touch point and recompose
  • teaches softness and practices global awareness
  • connects relaxation to softness and fear to stiffness



Standing Knockover

 OBJECTIVE: Uproot opponent(s) from their position using entire body.

Develops global sense of awareness and integration, interactive softness vs. stiffness, and awareness of center of mass

Key points:

  • can use any and all body parts
  • slow movement makes for more contact/interaction and less striking
  • variable tactics keep partner alert and guessing




Shifting Get Up






Tandem Rolls

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