Countering Doctor’s Advice

Doctor Writing Out Rx Prescription

Countering Doctor’s Advice

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?A doctor’s course of action for “self care” of drop foot may entail clearing the house of clutter and using florescent tape to mark hazards. I’m not a doctor, but I can sure try to help out a lot more than that. If we can restore physical capacities, meaning make more things work nice, we can create a far better learning environment for the nervous system. Therefore allowing us to continue to adapt. Our Rx is simple: All we want to do is make more “stuff” and learn to use it as best as possible. ??‍⚕️ . ??In our FR Assessment this client and I discussed her neuropathy during and following radiation treatments which had an end result of damage to the peroneal nerve (drop foot). Client is also on a walker and has become weak in depending on the walker. . ??This initial session we discussed our approach to neurological symptoms and working to create as much control and get as much information coming and going from this lower leg, ankle and foot/toes as we can. I showed her how to control the ankle using Controlled Articular Rotations (CARs) and hovers. . ??We used Level 2 CARs to try and create more specificity in the ankle and a hover position that didn’t demand much dorsi flexion (since she has none). This also will help her mentally, in that she isn’t discouraged by NOT being able to accomplish the task. She did a great job of controlling her ankle in both CARs and hovers which ended up being her homework for the time being. 3x a day 10 CARs and 10 hovers. . ??CONTROL = neurology . #humananimation #manualtherapy #manualpractitioner #neurology #dropfoot #practicemakesbetter #shoulderinjury #rehabilitation #prehabilitation #functionalrangesystems #functionalrangeassessment #functionalrangerelease #functionalrangeconditioning #controlyourself #injury #accommodatingresistance #bands #treatment #mobility #jointhealth #control

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