FR Systems Movement Coaching


FR Systems Movement Coaching

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FR Systems & Kettlebell coaching. ➡FRA (Spine): Low back pain. Kyphotic, hinge points at cervical level 5/6, T12/L1 and sacroiliac joint & L5. Zero segmental control in cervical, thoracic and lumbar. C-spine and hips do all of the work for lumbar (Flexion & extension), thoracic (flexion, rotation & extension). ➡FRA Hips: Passive and active control in rotations and linear movements. Bilaterally hips and ankles do all the work for knees as well (no miniscus on RT side, very little meniscus on LT). ➡Swing Assessment (eccentric phase): The kyphosis is global flexion for all 12 vertebrae. Due to its inability to extend and disperse load appropriately into each segment, the load goes to the joints that DO go into extension (hinge points). In essence, instead of the kettlebell swing being primarily a hip hinge and posterior CHAIN movement whereby eccentrically loading 24 vertebrae and the pelvis/hip. We wind up loading what looks to be only three vertebrae and the hips. Also with rounded shoulders we wind up with a floppy bell and lots of energy leaks. ➡Swing Assessment (concentric phase): As she initiates her hinge back up, the bell slightly moves (sometimes subtly and sometimes not so subtle). This is caused by lack of hinge and being able to sit back further into the hips, the kyphosis and the round shoulders. The inability to hinge further is also because she can’t bend her knees well due to the bone on bone articulations at the knee. Knowing she can’t segment her spine in flexion (even though it looks like she can), how does she accomplish this?Her cervical spine slams into flexion, core muscles, glutes and hamstrings. These repetitive forces end up degrading her connective tissues due to overuse of specific joints. ➡FRC (thoracic segmentation): This was a great opportunity to implement what @drmchivers recently spoke of. The importance of flexion/ rotation due to facet joint orientation of the Tspine. Using a target we were able to control flexion & extension in each segment of the Tspine, allowing for better CNS options, load distribution and injury mitigation. Make things work nice. ?? #humananimation #FRS #FRC #FRA #FRR #kettlebell #swings #practice

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