Rethinking Warmups

Stephanie Lee   Can they be less of a routine and more of a spontaneous test of readiness and mental stimulation?  Can we simply ‘go’ and use what we find … Read More

Examining Healing

Jim Freda QUESTIONS & OBSERVATIONS   We are trying to understand pain as “biopsychosocial.” What does this mean for how we define the body and the mind?   When we … Read More

Gaga Moves

Nicki Miller       View this post on Instagram   Post gaga challenge: lead with the pelvic floor, maintain cylindrical diaphragmatic breathing, make big shapes, transition from one leg … Read More

Sleepy Scorpion

Gary Stockdale       View this post on Instagram   SLEEPY SCORPION The connections yielded by this simple rolling #PushUp left me feeling restored, springy and well integrated. Start … Read More

Perception, Projection, & Magick

Ramon Castellanos       View this post on Instagram   The magickal mind vs the rational mind. Rationality has its place, and can be a very powerful tool, but … Read More

Assessing Breathing

Jeremy Fein     The third test is Patrick McKeown’s BOLT score (Body Oxygen Level Test), adapted from Buteyko’s ‘Control Pause’ carbon dioxide measure. According to McKeown, it “should be” … Read More

Almog Loven Part 1: Physical

Christine Ruffolo   I got to the Finnish Hall early.  I always get there early, especially on the first day.  I was eager and curious to participate in a workshop … Read More

Pigeon Squatting

Brandon Chien     View this post on Instagram   The Pigeon Squat is Clutch ⠀ You deserve sexy hips – it’s your birthright! ⠀ Let’s face it – having … Read More