Rotation in the Pool

Gary Stockdale     If you dug that explanation, here’s one more breakdown with specific water-context:    

Fixing a Broken Heart

Jim Freda   “New images surround us everywhere. They are invisible only because of sterile routine convention and fear.” –Lisette Model (Installation at SF MOMA) Fixing a broken heart. Does … Read More

Countering Doctor’s Advice

Brian Fox     View this post on Instagram   🤔A doctor’s course of action for “self care” of drop foot may entail clearing the house of clutter and using … Read More


Craig Mallett   My studies in self development have been long and varied, spanning (so far) over 16 years and including forays into traditional Chinese martial arts, gymnastic strength training, … Read More

Language of the New Alchemy

Dave Wardman   ‘[…] It is very difficult, almost impossible for [hu]men of different categories and of different modes of perception to understand one another, because they call one and … Read More

Contrast Brings Perception

Sam Faulhaber   I am reallllly more interested in solving problems than I am with the problems themselves. Which sounds kinda dumb now that I’m typing it. Lemme explain. So … Read More