Softness vs. Stiffness

Andre Miller     View this post on Instagram   Una ejercisios combinacion fantasica. Es sola un combinacion de ejersisios entre un multitudes de ejersisios. Pero ellos son mi ejesisios. … Read More

Procedural Awareness

Fanny Tulloch   I used to have poor body awareness. That together with a bigger ego kept me working beyond my physical abilities, leading to one pain and ache after … Read More

Extension Feedback

Samantha Faulhaber     View this post on Instagram   Thanks to Ryan for letting me film a few seconds of our private lesson today. . , I used the … Read More

Critical Look #2 – Fighting Monkey

Christine Ruffolo   ‘Critical Look’ challenges the way systemic information is presented and questions the story being told.   Personal background with system – attended a FM 2-day seminar in … Read More

MovNat Course Ideas

Kim & Melissa     View this post on Instagram   Structured sessions are nice. So are free-flowing where you make it up as you go along. 💫 This is … Read More

A Glossary of Context

Jason Round   [Movement] ‘Movement’ is our subject and our study. It is the gross umbrella under which every element of our investigation concerns itself, whether through physical, intellectual, or … Read More

Rethinking Warmups

Stephanie Lee   Can they be less of a routine and more of a spontaneous test of readiness and mental stimulation?  Can we simply ‘go’ and use what we find … Read More

Examining Healing

Jim Freda QUESTIONS & OBSERVATIONS   We are trying to understand pain as “biopsychosocial.” What does this mean for how we define the body and the mind?   When we … Read More

Gaga Moves

Nicki Miller       View this post on Instagram   Post gaga challenge: lead with the pelvic floor, maintain cylindrical diaphragmatic breathing, make big shapes, transition from one leg … Read More