Wear & Repair


Wear & Repair

Brandon Chien


“Wear and tear” is such a poor outlook on the body.

Think Wear AND repair, and you’ll be in rhythm with your body.

A little bit of chaos in your life gives your body a reason to heal.

The gifts of our youth can be renewed by doing what we fear at first – that means using your back to lift.

And most fitness practices start with trying to change how you look on the outside.

But then the random knee/shoulder/back aches start. And the stories about why you CAN’T do something pile up.

It happens either from pushing the same 3 exercises for years like I did, or from avoiding your responsibility to your body altogether.

I learned the hardest way possible, what the old school knew: how to get strong bodies that can heal from injury before squat racks, MRI’s, and pain medication.

It’s my reminder to ditch the colonial mindset of exercising to be more productive and skinny.

But instead, to challenge my body in unique ways that make me feel capable again.

It’s a mindset of pushing back also the “aging myth” and proving to yourself you’re not a machine to repair; but a garden that needs watering.

Now go lift.

1. Piper Squat
2. Bent Press
3. One-arm Deadlift
4. Hack Deadlift
5. Steinborn Squat
6. Stiff-Leg Round Back Lift
7. Steinborn Taps



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[Feature Photo by Brina Blum on Unsplash.]

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