Vibrations & Frequencies


Vibrations & Frequencies

Jennifer Pilotti



Cells vibrate. Which is weird, when you really think about it, because it means that you are literally vibrating, all of the time.


The frequency at which you vibrate is an individual thing. It’s dependent on things like your health, hydration status, and what’s happening around you.


The ability of a cell to vibrate is dependent on its elasticity.* A cell that isn’t elastic isn’t healthy. Cancerous cells become rigid. Aneurysms begin with a loss of elasticity in the cells and arteries. An elastic, vibrating cell is a healthy cell.*Elastic means an object is able to return to its original shape spontaneously, after deformation


When you are exposed to something that affects how you are vibrating—a car, a noise, a whole body vibration plate—the effects linger, kind of like the sound that lingers from a singing bowl or a bell.


People who operate heavy machinery for a living are exposed to high amount of vibrations for years. The vibrations from the machines are not in agreement with their own natural vibrations. This mismatch isn’t good for health and well-being. It’s like it creates an internal conflict with the external environment.


Other vibrations are beneficial. Riding in a carriage on cobblestones, for instance, was believed to have positive health benefits on mood and liver function (I have no idea what criteria these scientists in the 18th century were basing this on, but the effects of the cobblestone carriage ride were so powerful, a vibrating chair was invented to mimic riding in a carriage on cobblestones).


Your internal vibration is a sign of your health. In fact, the research on things like low magnitude high frequency vibration suggests vibration at the appropriate frequency is good for bones and might aid in healing. The question, of course, is what, exactly, is the appropriate frequency? No one seems to be in agreement on the answer (which should make sense, since we don’t all vibrate at the same frequency).


Two easy ways to influence your own vibrational frequency is through music and movement. Over the course of the next week, try this:

  • Turn on a song that relaxes you. Turn on a song that energizes you. How are they different?
  • Come into a standing position. Shake your arms. Shake your legs. Shake your entire body. When you stop, pause. Do you feel the effects from the shaking?





[Feature Photo by Mike Lewinski on Unsplash.]

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