Sensuality vs. Sexuality


Sensuality vs. Sexuality

Gökçe S. Hall


Authenticity, has always been my strongest sense. Whether it is about my own intentions, life style, movement or any other art. Because I am so connected to this in me, I can sense it on others too. I can smell authenticity or lack there of, a mile away, from the way someone stands or walks even. And to my eyes, authenticity always brings sensuality with it. If you don’t have that strong connection to your inner world and your body, it becomes increasingly hard to tap into and reflect your sensuality. NOT SEXUALITY, sensuality…
Sensuality is about being truly in the moment, emjoying your bodily sensations -NO MATTER WHAT THEY ARE- and authentically expressing it. Therefore, one cannot achieving just learning tricks and trying to look like “that person who clearly looks better doing it”. It’s about learning the move, then drilling it a million times “slightly differently” until you get to a point where you FEEL like that specific version, the way you just did, represents who you are… Then my friends, you will never look the same all the while performing the same movements. This is called “movement research” shortly, but it is a research of the soul, energy and wholeness that is oceans deep.
I thought I was a teacher nearly all my life. Now I know that I am not. I am however, a terrific guide to help you meet your own self, the way your body ACTUALLY wants to move. I will be back at some point in the movement world, but I wont be teaching any tricks. I want to guide people to make their art and movement practice as authentic as it gets. I want to help them discover the depth of their own expression. Including the bad, ugly and scary. Because all the beauty is actually hidden in the darkness..



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