Suck-in and Extension

Austin Einhorn     View this post on Instagram   Gabo’s progress—After watching him play, it became more evident he has a hard time getting segmental movement throughout his spine … Read More

An Animist Walking Exercise

Dare Sohei   Animist Somatic Practice: Walking/Moving-Sensing-Embodying   Human beings are unique biologically in quite a few ways, one major way is walking upright on two legs. Now, I understand … Read More

Neck Feedback

Brian Fox     View this post on Instagram   I don’t always use a foam roller, but when I do it’s to practice fundamental neck articulations. This piece of … Read More

Challenge is Relative

Cat Cowey   I was waiting for a friend of mine when my phone rang. Wind whipped in the background as she explained she was in the headlands still. Knowing … Read More

Me & Mine

Nick Konow     View this post on Instagram   I am the best dancer I know. 👆🏻That’s not fair nor accurate. I am my favorite dancer. 👆🏻That’s better. Like … Read More

The Flipsides of Full, Empty

Mars Ciccarelli   At certain times of the day, I feel my sense of direction and motivation is waning. Right now, I can definitely feel how intensely sleep deprivation affects … Read More

Beliefs, Culture, & Connection

Ramon Castellanos     In this article I want to discuss something that you do not see discussed a lot and that is the practice of magic in the context … Read More

Roundtable #12 – Discipleship

DOES A DEEP DIVE OR GENERALIZED TREADING HELP CULTIVATE UNIQUE PERSPECTIVES?   What draws you to a particular practice? Why do folks have a tendency to dive deep into a … Read More

Partner Puppeteers

Miguel Viero     View this post on Instagram   The Puppet & The Puppeteer ⠀ One partner (the “puppeteer”) pulls invisible strings attached to the joints of the other … Read More

Opening the Potential

Craig Mallett   Over the many years I have been training and teaching I have regularly observed a phenomenon that I would probably call “being a try-hard” if it were … Read More