The Bad & The Best


Alex Sporticus   A couple of weeks ago, Edutopia published an article entitled 5 Fun Gym Games to Get Kids Moving. I found the subsequent commentary on the article, mainly via Twitter, absolutely fascinating. Whilst I could understand many of the points made from a range of perspectives, the conversations around the article made me consider how I’ve changed my thinking […]

Keys to Longevity


Craig Mallett   Cultivation and longevity are not simple matters of “do this one trick and all your problems go away”. Like cultivating a garden, it takes regular attending to, and a slow understanding of context that means rules shift and change depending on circumstances. We can have guidelines, but there are no “if x, […]

What to Do, What to Do


Christian Paev   Ever wonder why changing disciplines, practices, exercises, methods, people around us, teachers, circumstances…. in the end we end up with almost the same internal result? Random hopping between different topics at work is scattered wandering, but not a channeled strategic approach. Figuratively speaking, we drive the same car on different roads – […]

Guest Post #8 – A Spectrum of Efficiency

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Nicole Uno   Parts of a Whole Strategies along the spectrum of efficiency The point of efficiency is to do more, with less effort. Whether it’s moving faster, moving more weight, moving pain-free, or moving through bigger ranges of motion- it all requires the same parts working together as a whole. A team that quite […]

Removing, Not Adding


Craig Mallett   We often say in the tradition that the Daoist way is one of removing, not adding. Yet the first thing we do is learn a million practices. So what do we mean by this? It’s useful to remind ourselves that the exercises (and the way we exercise) are the tools we use to aid […]

What Compels You to ‘Do’?


Christine Ruffolo   The idea for this post first came in the summer of 2021, down time for most teachers here in the States.  When you have a secured income (our salary is split evenly between the twelve months), and are given the gift of time and freedom of what to do with that time, […]

A Clear & Sincere Desire

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Wall Play

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Jason Round       View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Jason Round (@movemoremp)     View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Jason Round (@movemoremp)     View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Jason Round (@movemoremp)     View this post on Instagram […]

Parkour Footwork: Ambidexterity & Tempo (Part Two)


Jereme Sanders   Part One: Step Length & Consistency   FOR A SINGLE MOVE Switch the Start Foot As long as you are maintaining a consistent step length and starting your run from the same location, you can switch the start foot to change your last step for the movement. This will be helpful for any large […]

The Shweel

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Solo Grappling

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Margot Ciccarelli     View this post on Instagram   Building a solo practice was not something that originated in quarantine for me. This solo drill video was taken last February in Melbourne (@absolutemmastkilda) before sharing my dualistic approach with @athleticplayground Being able to peek into the dance world, (especially into the contemporary dance, contact […]

Patience & Humility in Skill Acquisition


Catherine Cowey   I have never been good at any board sports be it on snow, water, wheels or any type of unpredictable surface. Basically all those things that adrenaline junkies love, skiing, skating, surfing, snowboarding are not my forte. I shimmy, freak out, tense up, and go careening out of control. Those last words […]

Current Personal Practice – Ramon Castellanos


Ramon Castellanos   I incorporate and teach about a wide variety of skills sets into my daily/weekly practice. In my world view, a daily practice is the bedrock of a consciously directed life. It is where we are able to work with the inevitable forces of change in a very intentional way in order to […]

Anatomy of a Movement Practice

Jenn Pilotti   I was recently contacted by a concierge service to train an out of town visitor. I thought about it before calling her back, since it meant I wouldn’t have any days off from training and I had things I needed to do, like format the book/film/complete online training for my government job, […]

Handstand Options & Exposure

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Nelson Cuadras     View this post on Instagram   The head in tuck position is one hell of an exposer. ⠀ Aside from putting the shoulders into the end range, the head in position will mess with your balance. As the head rolls through, you take away the static point that you are used […]

Practicing Patience


Jason Round     View this post on Instagram   PATIENCE: Exercises in patience are a rare opportunity which I actively seek in my practice. Back when I was a boy you had to wait to see boobs on the internet – at least 5 minutes staring at a fake-orgasming face before a nipple might […]

Sexuality as a Physical Practice


Ramon Castellanos   Sexuality is a rather broad topic, with many historical outlets that differ in perspective, and it is perhaps one of the most loaded topics in the whole of humanity. This article will be less of a how-to in any fashion, and will simply be a broad look at how sex, its maturity and overall […]

The One Thing

gun dog chases a rabbit, 1948 by bert hardy

Nelson Cuadras   If there is ONE thing we can be so certain of, it is that uncertainty is inevitable. The uncertainty I speak of is within ourselves. The feeling that strikes us quickly, asking ourselves the question, what am I doing or why am I doing this? When these questions come at our most […]

Philosophology: An Inquiry Into Practice


Austin Einhorn   We are being led by the blind and uninformed. There is a virus infecting our culture and growing to epidemic levels. Our social patterns of value have tipped the scales towards ignorance. This plague is Philosophology, and it has the world of sports in a death grip. Robert Pirsig birthed the term […]