When Your Only Company Is a Mirror and Music


When Your Only Company Is a Mirror and Music

Nadia Genois


I had recently promised myself to create more opportunities to dance, improvise, to have these moments that are generally revitalizing but that too often escape me because of fatigue or laziness. Yet it is a pleasure that I have discovered in recent years, to improvise to give yourself permission to be in the present moment, the process, to be in the game, without waiting for results. I don’t know exactly how I managed to find this playful space, probably with the Feldenkrais and therapy. But I also think of some people, teachers, in particular who invited me to this space, without judgment. With joy.

This last month, I taught a little more pole than usual. That Wednesday, I felt tired, tense, I had aches. I had a real need to feel myself in my body, but otherwise, to free myself. And I had a desire, even for a moment, to move more organically. I chose a music* a little random, but also that inspires me. And I got started.

So here is a moment, almost stolen, of movement for pleasure. I left in the visual, the moment when I adjust my clothes, sign of exasperation or “reset” refocusing. I also left empty times, moments of hesitation. This is also the process. And there are of course the other moments, more inspired, those that surprised me. When I look I see all this. And that’s correct.


[Pole video cannot be embedded here because of copyright of song being played, but can be viewed by clicking here.  A longer ground based freestyle can be viewed here. ]


This lasted only a few minutes, then I took a Feldenkrais lesson to continue reconnecting to myself. When life goes too fast, when everything is jostled in the head, when the body no longer seems to belong to us, there was this opportunity to become incarnate again. It remains to remember that it is a beautiful way to take care of yourself and that it is there, at your fingertips.


*translated from French


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