I Really Like the Way I Move


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Openness & Movement


Jenn Pilotti   The coach who writes my programs recently included handstand play on one of my hand balancing days. “Set a timer for ten minutes. Play with different entries to handstands. Try and catch the balance for 3 seconds. Note which variations feel interesting.” This particular aspect of my movement practice made my Tuesday. […]

A Simple Strap

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Miguel Viero       View this post on Instagram   Juegos estratégicos. Enraizamento de pies. Distribución de carga. Organización estructural. Juega Observa Relaja Tensa Siente Comunica Arquitectura del terremoto humano. #investigación #juegosdemovimiento #fightingmonkey_practice #fightingmonkey_games #moovescuelademovimiento A post shared by Miguel Viero (@miguelviero.moov) on Aug 20, 2020 at 9:55am PDT     View this post […]

Work, Play, Learn

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Nick Konow       View this post on Instagram   In a sped up reality of fast-forword consumption, set on getting to the meat of things, the “what’s in it for me?”, the “teach me the most efficient HACK to personal well-being and greatness and please GOD let it be digestible and easy!”, I […]

Environmental Playground


Jereme Sanders       View this post on Instagram   One of many fun lines from yesterday’s training 🙂 thanks for the energy @selen.indahouse @beerkayfr @e.t.bewild and Can! #parkour #parkouristanbul #swing #tictac #toeshoot #parkourculture #movement #movementculture A post shared by Jereme Sanders (@jeremesanders) on Nov 24, 2019 at 12:43am PST     View […]

Elderly ‘Exercise’

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Michael Ryan Recorded conversation with my teacher, Jozef Frucek. Dated December 10th 2016. There’s no denying what Jozef is saying, but rarely would anyone articulate these thoughts. It’s a brutal truth, that we will all grow old and die. So much so that we often trick ourselves into thinking that it will never be us. […]

Play and Exposure to Failure


Jenn Pilotti   A curious thing has happened across gyms and fitness centers across the US- people are worried about doing things right. “What is the right way to pick something up from the ground so I don’t hurt my back?” I get asked. “What is the right way to stand/sit/move around?” people inquire, worried […]

Disassociation Play


Gary Stockdale CHOOSE WHAT YOU MOVE Dissociation is the name of the game ladies and gents. In this particular movement challenge, I am maintaining Pelvic stability, while expressing Thoracic mobility. Creating the stability to stop that little ball from moving, lit up all aspects of my core, pelvic floor, intrinsic foot musculature, ERRYBODY came to the […]

Slow, Breakdown, Play


How do you go from “Woah, that looks cool ?” to “Oh, I think I can do that?” —————————————— I saw this movement somewhere in the murky depths of #movementculture yesterday and thought it looked fun. —————————————— So…1) Ensure your joints can do SLOW what you’re about to ask them to do FAST. Controlled articular […]

Stick Games 1

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Rediscovering Play


Give a kid a list of tasks to do, and you’ll find yourself with one unhappy kid. Give an adult a checklist, and they transform into blissful busyness. One basks in all they have achieved, and the other laments all the other potential possibilities lost. A child isn’t ruled by numbers or fear of being […]