Risky Play


Risky Play

Gokce S Hall  (Sevinc Gökçe)


Risky games and discoveries called Risky Play are important in terms of understanding and judgment of the child’s body capacity and what is really dangerous. Plus of course he develops fine motor skills and self confidence.
There are a few things you can do as a parent: stand and spot 1️⃣ close (not whooping her ass, but that’s when she thinks she’s doing it, but actually isn’t). Spotting is both ensuring your physical safety and also guiding you. Example: Showing options where he can put his foot on while waiting ready to catch him if your hand falls.
2️⃣ Helping you plan your next step by asking questions. Ex: Have you ever thought about how to get down after you get up there? Do you feel safe now? What can you do to make this discovery safer?
Of course, if you’re going to do this for the first time, you don’t start on hard floor and high, but at home with pillows on the floor and not on the hard floor 😅. Especially for those under the age of 3 and not used to such games.

I also know that many parents worry a lot during risky play and have a hard time making space for these discoveries.  If you are not used to it and the way you were brought up is full of, “oh my child, do not run”, it is very normal to have a hard time, but as always, this is a muscle that can be developed slowly through hard work and effort.

Do you think you need support with this?  What is the most difficulty part, are you aware of? Let’s meet in the comments if you have anything you want to share or ask.



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