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Passive to Active Tissue Lengthening


Brian Fox   [Description below.]   Affect connective tissue architecture by training at length for 2+ minutes. Intent: Passively acquire length then actively try to maintain that length and internally load the bioflow. Straining the connective tissue at length. A two minute stretch specifically intended for the anterior knee and thigh in hip extension and […]

Cross-Contextual Spine Training

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Lumbar Segmentation

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Treatment & Tissue Quality

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Brian Fox     View this post on Instagram   Keep an eye on these two in treatments and in training, they’ve been know to cause mischief. . 🪁🪁🪁 Remember there are only two things we can actually feel and manage in treatment from a tissue quality perspective: neurological and mechanical tension. We cannot rub, […]

Injury, Fatigue, & Fast Twitch Fibers

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Brian Fox     View this post on Instagram   🦵🏼Research has shown that when a tissue or tissues get injured, the slow twitch (ST) muscle fibers decrease in the affected tissue and surrounding area(s) , thus leaving behind mostly fast twitch muscle fibers (FT). . 🦵🏼This is valuable information when in treatment, since ST […]

Countering Doctor’s Advice

Doctor writing out RX prescription

Brian Fox     View this post on Instagram   ?A doctor’s course of action for “self care” of drop foot may entail clearing the house of clutter and using florescent tape to mark hazards. I’m not a doctor, but I can sure try to help out a lot more than that. If we can […]

Neck Feedback

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Brian Fox     View this post on Instagram   I don’t always use a foam roller, but when I do it’s to practice fundamental neck articulations. This piece of equipment turned out to be quite advantageous in providing external feedback as to what flexion and extension of the neck should feel like (external cue). […]

Neurological Tension & Expanding Range


Brian Fox     View this post on Instagram   On our journey to increase physical capacities, my client and I aimed our treatment plan on: . ▶️Gaining control of specific joints and tissues to decrease neurological splinting in the lumbar spine by doing a blocked flexion and extension drill (not pictured) in very low […]

Functional Range Systems – Hip Internal Rotation


Brian Fox   ASSESS   View this post on Instagram   #Repost @jquintnmt with @get_repost ・・・ This is first of several videos between myself and friend/fellow FRS practitioner @briangfox; treating one another by applying Functional Range System (FRA/FR/FRC) with the objective to: Cultivate New Physical Capacities via: .  1️⃣”Create” > Acquire new articular (joint) space by […]

Blocked ‘Karate’ CARs


Brian Fox       View this post on Instagram   ☝?Get really good at controlled articular ranges of motion (CARs) of individual joints. Become more aware of your “stuff” and get really good at moving it. These are low level tension and something you can do literally hundreds of times. ✌?Once you can achieve […]

FR Systems Movement Coaching


Brian Fox     FR Systems & Kettlebell coaching. ➡FRA (Spine): Low back pain. Kyphotic, hinge points at cervical level 5/6, T12/L1 and sacroiliac joint & L5. Zero segmental control in cervical, thoracic and lumbar. C-spine and hips do all of the work for lumbar (Flexion & extension), thoracic (flexion, rotation & extension). ➡FRA Hips: […]

Training Overhead Shoulder ER


Brian Fox     “We don’t treat end ranges, we train them.” -#functionalrangerelease Isometrically loading two different end ranges then eccentrically grooving that full range w a lighter load. I found a lot of tension when assessing my own clavicular head of the pectoralis major. So after treating it manually, this was my external load […]