Blocked ‘Karate’ CARs

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☝🏼Get really good at controlled articular ranges of motion (CARs) of individual joints. Become more aware of your “stuff” and get really good at moving it. These are low level tension and something you can do literally hundreds of times. ✌🏼Once you can achieve level one we can upgrade to CARs Level 2. Whereby we create “blocks” to divorce individual joints from the rest of the body. These are very precise and require great joint control, hence why we hammer home Level 1. These are significantly more challenging as well. 👀 Here is a variation of a hip articulation using the wall and blocking the spine from helping the hip move. 🥋If you’ve seen the movie The Karate Kid (if you haven’t, lose my number) CARs Level 1 is where I Mr. Miyagi you and teach you to wax on, wax off and paint the fence so to speak. Next is when the client gets tired of doing so many Level 1 CARs, I metaphorically throw a punch at them by “blocking” them to show they actually know CARs karate. They are stronger, more aware and more capable without even realizing it. 💪🏽 NEVER STOP PRACTICING FUNDAMENTALS. You’re only as strong as your base. #humananimation #manualpractitioner #manualtherapist #controlyourself #functionalrangesystems #functionalrangeassessment #functionalrangeconditioning #functionalrangerelease #hips #karatekid

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