Vibrations & Frequencies


Jennifer Pilotti     Cells vibrate. Which is weird, when you really think about it, because it means that you are literally vibrating, all of the time.   The frequency at which you vibrate is an individual thing. It’s dependent on things like your health, hydration status, and what’s happening around you.   The ability […]

We Want What We See (Or Once Were)


Catherine Cowey   Bigger, better, faster, stronger this is what we hear on the daily. The incessant call to accomplish more, and push harder echoes across our culture. This message is inherent in a capitalistic, production based, able-bodied, early bird society. Many of my clients, several of whom are ex-athletes, but also deal with chronic […]

Wear & Repair


Brandon Chien   “Wear and tear” is such a poor outlook on the body. Think Wear AND repair, and you’ll be in rhythm with your body. A little bit of chaos in your life gives your body a reason to heal. The gifts of our youth can be renewed by doing what we fear at […]

Cultivating Tendon Health

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Austin Einhorn   There’s no magic recipe for helping tendons feel better. But there are a few well-studied strategies that make a short list of things to try. My tools are four variables. Load: Light weight for a long time — One to three minutes of tension, per set, 4+ sets. Heavy weight for a […]

Being Half Right


Christine Ruffolo   I was so close.  I had felt and figured and whittled and realized.  I had my longest running issue narrowed down to a dysfunctional half of the pelvic floor.  It was just the wrong half.  I was convinced that it was my right and gave multiple reasons as to why, BUT my […]

Understanding Pain Patterns

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Maybe You Just Need a Wiggle

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Tom Morrison One of most surprising things I deal with is the fact that people WANT a diagnosis. They want to be told that they have Scapular Dyskinesis, that their Scapulothoracic Glenohumeral Rhythm is presenting as abnormal and that they need 16 weeks of diaphragmatic breathing correctives, pectoralis minor trigger point release and serratus anterior […]

Why Muscle Imbalances Happen (and What You Can Do About Them)


Tom Morrison   When you have knowledge of training, the body, how to deal with flexibility limitations, injuries (past or present) and muscular differences, you can fall into the trap of having  “too much information”… and pretty much over complicate everything, making you think you are “dysfunctional” in multiple ways – which is rarely the […]

Pressure, Tendinopathy, & Movement


Jenn Pilotti   I recently went down a rabbit hole, like I sometimes do, about tendinopathy. Tendinopathy is a poorly understood cause of pain attributed to overuse. It happens at the tendon, the structure that connects muscle to bone. Pain is weird. It’s multi-faceted and difficult to pinpoint. We can sometimes feel when the injury […]

Skull Stuff

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P.E.A.C.E Instead of R.I.C.E for Injury

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Jeremy Fein   Last Friday, I hurt my knee. I’ll get into the details down below, but let’s start with the actionable stuff. P.E.A.C.E. AND L.O.V.E. Have you heard of “RICE” after getting hurt? As it turns out, not all of it is based in the research we have. A more modern, although still less […]

Pitching and Pain


Austin Einhorn   When Clayton Ray, a baseball pitcher at Cabrillo College, walked into Apiros, he was worried his baseball career was done before it even got off the ground. He had been sidelined by elbow pain for eight months, and couldn’t throw despite having done the standard physical therapy. He had already progressed through […]

Freeing Up A Compressed Nerve

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Working with Knee Pain


Brandon Chien   Here’s how you can begin working with knee-pain and get stronger right now.   A common strategy for relieving knee pain is to begin losing weight. Doctors will tell you that if your knee has less load to bear, it won’t struggle. But the truth is, the muscles around your knee need […]

Reorienting Towards Pain


Craig Mallett   Regardless of the modality of practice, one of the most common reason I have seen that people enter into this kind of work is to find away to escape their experiences of pain, particularly in the body. We often go to physiotherapists, or do movement practices or yoga or Pilates all in […]

Guarded Movement


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Moving Beyond Symptoms


Chandler Stevens   Symptoms are tricky little things. Knee pain, jaw tension, an achy back…each seems to beg our attention. They alert us to the fact that there is a problem, but the challenge lies in the fact that they don’t tell us much about the nature of the problem. As such they’re a bit of a red herring […]

Start with Universe – Structure (Part 2)


Jordan Terry Part 1 of this series.   “Homeostasis represents a self-organized system derived from the many complex interacting dynamic equilibria necessary to maintain life. Stress initially drives this system toward chaos, but as with all self-organized systems it resists perturbation by generating either short-term compensations (if the initial stressor is resolved) or long-term compensations […]

Work or Stretch a Tweaked Muscle?


 Brandon Chien   It hurts! How do I know if I should stretch or work the muscle? When my clients have pain or stiffness that they don’t know what to do with, I have a “Sherlock Holmes” method of helping them figure out what it needs to feel better. It’s simple and I want to […]