The people who have found a place here have answered eight questions about who they are and the purpose they have found through movement. Hover over each contributor card and click ‘read story’ to find out more.

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Jeremy Fein

About Jeremy

Jeremy is the coach you'll find standing on his hands, rolling on the floor, and dancing like nobody's watching. His only passion more intense than movement exploration is the desire to share it with others.
Waltham, MA

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Dave Wardman

About Dave

Dave Wardman is the creator of Physical Alchemy. He teaches re-patterning, physical cultivation and alchemical methods he’s studied over the last 14 years.

Sydney, Australia

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Tom Morrison

About Tom

Tom Morrison teaches you how your body works, and how to move and perform at your best! From the complete beginner to advanced athlete, his attention to detail is key.

Belfast, UK

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Scott Daly

About Scott

Scott teaches you to listen to your body and find passions to give it direction. He uses an interdisciplinary approach to help find a enjoyable strategy that will work with the clients interests, lifestyle, and needs.

Grimsby, Ontario, Canada

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Christine Ruffolo

About Christine

Chris teaches high school physical education, sees individual clients with pain and motor control issues, and blurs the lines between the two.

Salem, Oregon

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Miguel Viero

About Miguel

Educates and awakens body awareness through a both physical and mental challenges. He provides stimulating environments, circumstances, and tools to provoke adaptability and growth in my students.

Barcelona, Spain

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Dare Sohei

About Dare

What if we could prove to ourselves beyond any doubts, that the body and the soul were the very same mysterious creature?

Portland, Oregon

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Christian Paev

About Christian

Searching for ways to improve the quality of life for me and my people. Practice philosophy: “whatever works”.

Sofia, Bulgaria

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Nicki Miller

About Nicki

With years of study and practice in traditional fitness and aerial arts, Nicki combines the science of body mechanics with intuitive somatic practices to cultivate strength, elegance, and embodied expression in herself and her students.

NYC, at large

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Nelson Cuadras

About Nelson

Using movement to destigmatize the conversation about mental health.

Brooklyn, NY

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Chandler Stevens

About Chandler

Helping coaches & teachers simplify the mind-body system, deepen their understanding of movement, and build more confidence in their practice.

Louisville, KY

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Michael Ryan

About Michael

Michael is a kinesiologist specializing in sports performance and geriatric rehabilitation.

Orange County, California

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Chris Davis

About Chris

Yogi, handbalancer, and artist who created all of the sketches featured on this site.

Portland, Oregon

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Nadia Genois

About Nadia

Pole dancing, flexibility/ mobility, osteopathy, Feldenkrais, movement, and floorwork.

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

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Alex Sporticus

About Alex

Physical Educator, chronic thinker, educational blogger.

United Kingdom

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Aaron Hague

About Aaron

Uses postural restoration as the foundation for movement quality, strength, and endurance.

Salem, Oregon

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Jenn Pilotti

About Jenn

I spend time playing, exploring new ways of looking at familiar movements and creating opportunities to challenge myself and explore my environment in an inquisitive way.

Monterey, CA

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Krystyle Bryn

About Krystle

Focusing on fluid movement to benefit everyday life through the aerial arts.

Las Vegas, NV

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Andre Miller

About Andre

Systema practitioner, movement farmer, gatherer of bounty.

Eagle Creek, Oregon

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Nick Konow

About Nick

Nick teaches immersive movement practices.

Los Angeles, CA

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Kyle Pringle

About Kyle

Outdoorsman, philosopher, attentive observer and cultivator of evolving movement practices, lover of maps.

Seattle, WA

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Christian Rabhansl

About Christian

Chris teaches Feldenkrais by interweaving different concepts such as play, self-regulation,
reframing, restorative breath. He also gives Personal Coaching, loves Philosophy, and eagerly
writes a blog.

Nuremberg, Germany

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Samantha Faulhaber

About Sam

Functional Range Conditioning, Kinstretch, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Thai Bodywork, intuitive/ Instinctual practitioner.

"Know Thyself."

Durham, North Carolina

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Gary Stockdale

About Gary

Aquatic and rehabilitative movement specialist (on paper).

Goofball and maker of imagined things (in real life).

Thousand Oaks, CA

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Sevinc Gurmen

About Sev

My goal is to explore as many perspectives as I can in my movement, meanwhile keeping my mind clear of any judgment that might occur.

Istanbul, Turkey

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Brian Fox

About Brian

Rocktape, LMT, Functional Range Everything, Strong First.

Blends everything to formulate a playful path to efficiency.

Mountain View, CA

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Austin Einhorn

About Austin

I guide athletes toward realizing their potential.

Santa Cruz, CA

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Stephanie Lee

About Steph

Dancer, teacher, sister, & co founder at Trybe

Hong Kong, China

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Tyler Wall

About Tyler

Tyler is a lifelong student who seeks to better understand the dynamic systems at play affecting the human condition and potential.

Seattle, WA

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Mike DuBois

About Mike

Fighter, mixed martial artist, ever adapting human.

Salem, OR

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Ramon Castellanos

About Ramon

I use movement, meditation, and nutritional practices to address the integrity of the whole person and help them cultivate a stronger, more sovereign sense of self.

Candy Kitchen, New Mexico

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Catherine Cowey

About Cat

Inform and guide people to enable their bodies to be strong enough and resilient to accomplish all the daily grind activities, as well as the fun and adventurous ones.

San Francisco, California

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Jim Freda

About Jim

I am a massage therapist with a research interest in the sitting disease epidemic.

Portland Oregon

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Fanny Tulloch

About Fanny

I teach modern and ancient Strength and Mobility methods, including Repatterning Stretching, by using the senses as a guide to move and progress.

Sydney, Australia

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Melissa Sher & Kim Alexander

About Kim & Melissa

Our mission is to inspire and empower people to tap into their inherent need to move in diverse ways for healthy biological and sociological function… And because it is fun!

Portland, OR

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Margot Ciccarelli

About Mars

Creating a continual dialogue of research with my body. Self-expression, BJJ.

Hong Kong/ at large

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Brandon Chien

About Brandon

Brandon is a Weightlifting and Movement practitioner and teacher.

Oakland, California

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Craig Mallett

About Craig

Craig is a student and instructor of the Ba Men Da Xuan tradition of Daoism and teaches an assortment of physical practices and movement skills.

Sydney, Australia

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Jason Round

About Jason

A bricolage and filter of movement experiences driven by 3 wheels of the ‘MoveMore’ project: learn, share; connect.

Barcelona, Spain

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Jereme Sanders

About Jereme

I like to move and think differently, and I want to help others do the same.

Istanbul, Turkey

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