Kyle Pringle

1. How would you define your personal practice?

As much outdoor movement as possible via hiking, climbing, snowboarding. Structured gym time includes feldenkrais, qigong, soft gymnastics, and barbell work.

2. What turning points have you encountered on your movement journey?

The shift away from bodybuilding and powerlifting programming was a game changer. Admitting to limitation and focusing on movement quality instead of punishment turned my world upside down.

3.  What role has injury played in cultivating your current niche?
Personal injury and limitation has been the primary driver of my learning process. As someone who was born with several birth defects that directly affected my physical development I have a keen awareness of pain and dysfunction.


4.  Do you consider yourself a teacher?  Why or why not?
Yes. I believe that the coaching relationship must one of mutual teaching and learning.


5.  What has been your experience with physical education, both in the schooling system and sought out knowledge/ know-how elsewhere?
As a child I avoided physical education as it was geared around competitive sport and alienated those not genetically endowed. I believe that the culture surrounding physical education is fundamentally flawed and excessively Darwinian, both in the schooling system and society at large. It is most important to reach those who feel that fitness and wellness is somehow inaccessible or ‘not for them’.


6.  How do you involve your mind/ emotions into your physical routines?
As my practice deepens I am learning that mind and emotion are responsible for most physical habits. Our bodies display our philosophies.


7.  What are your personal aspirations regarding movement?  How do you hope to find purpose and use in the skills you have built?
1. Maintain the ability to spend unfettered time in nature until the very end.
2. Obtain the freedom to learn aspects of dance/circus arts and eventually perform at an amateur level.
3. Continue to teach others that pain and immobility does not have to be a part of existence.


8.  How can people find/ contact you?  Do you have a site or social media handle to share?
[email protected]


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