Cheat Codes with Adarian Barr


Adarian Barr Christine Ruffolo   Part One: Biarticulate Muscles & Rotations iFrame is not supported!   Part Two: Q & A from instagram live: yaw, starts, toe drag, scrumming, hips, & more. iFrame is not supported!   If you are interested in learning more about these concepts and contexts, Adarian wrote a book with Jenn […]

Is Sitting Too Much Really Ruining Your Mobility?


Tom Morrison   Your back hurts, your hip hurts, your shoulders and neck are always sore from being slumped over your desk or behind the wheel all the time – damn daily life tasks! They’re ruining your flexibility and movement forever, right!? Well, wrong.   It’s a bit of a cop out really if I’m […]

Body Being Basics


Brendan Lea   Body-Being is a large study that is subset and component of an art called Cheng Hsin, which was founded by Peter Ralston. Although, what is challenging to get across here in writing, is that body-being ins’t it’s own system, but a byproduct of enquiry and investigation into what makes for effortlessly effective movement and […]

Anatomy of a Movement Practice

Jenn Pilotti   I was recently contacted by a concierge service to train an out of town visitor. I thought about it before calling her back, since it meant I wouldn’t have any days off from training and I had things I needed to do, like format the book/film/complete online training for my government job, […]

An Introduction to Rolfing


Christine Ruffolo   A community class titled, “Self-Care for the Nervous System” made it’s way into my facebook feed and given the reasonable price ($15-$35, sliding scale) I decided to check it out.  I knew very little about Rolfing going in, and I didn’t bother to research it should it create an expectation.  I had […]

Morning Routines


Tyler Wall PART I: WHAT DO YOU DO? – AN EXERCISE IN REFLECTION AND UNDERSTANDING Morning. A new beginning. A time to start fresh after a rejuvenating slumber. An opportunity to set the tone for the day – physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually. An opportunity. One we all have the option to partake in, should we […]

Roundtable #4 – Bookends of Practice


Feature photo morzaszum from Pixabay.   WHAT ARE THE BOOKENDS OF YOUR PERSONAL PRACTICE? How do you begin your training sessions?  How do you know when you are done?   For me, it’s hard to tell an end when everywhere I go I see things to hang or dance on.  In my Jam sessions I tend to […]