The Woke Industry is Watching


Dare Sohei   a living ramble   those who are new to seeing human nature as it really is, go through a developmental process that mirrors all wisdom tradition processes. the cliche dark night of the soul is a real developmental transformation in the nervous system and belief infrastructure of a human.   people who […]

Capitalizing on Color

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Christine Ruffolo   It’s been about a month since the Embodiment Conference came and went.  Since, there have been many claims and a good amount of evidence that the headpiece to the summit, Mark Walsh, isn’t a great guy.   As someone who spoke at his summit, I’ve been sitting with possible courses of action (which […]

“Floor Culture” & the Home Office


Jason Round     ‘FLOOR CULTURE’ is a dual perspective that firstly throws an eye toward the daily habits & practices of cultures which live in closer contact with the floor. Secondly, it represents my proposal of “culturing” such habits in your daily life as the most necessary practice to SUSTAINABLY regain the ranges of […]

A Conceptual Analysis of Movement Culture

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Sigo Riemer   Most articles about movement culture are written by trainers, teachers, gurus, influencers – whatever the term you may prefer. This one is different in that I am neither, but rather write from the sidelines of movement culture. I have a small child and an office job, but no Youtube or Instagram channel. […]

Privilege & Movement Culture


Editor’s note 3/23/20: Amidst the grips of the Coronavirus, we are recognizing what a privilege movement culture is.  Folks recording their pushups and squats in their tiny apartments, refusing to let their privilege be taken away, by any circumstance.  The collective is starting to feel what the under-represented have been dealing with all along — […]

A Curious Cultural Experiment


Christine Ruffolo   For many reasons and convergences of fate, I recently took on the assignment of coaching high school volleyball.  It was a sport I knew very little about and had the least experience coaching and playing.  It was also a position to lead JV2, traditionally known as the ‘freshman team’.  I was the […]

Beliefs, Culture, & Connection


Ramon Castellanos     In this article I want to discuss something that you do not see discussed a lot and that is the practice of magic in the context of the primal movement, the primal health movement or the ancestral movement. There is a lot of talk about nutrition, physical training protocols, circadian rhythm […]