“Floor Culture” & the Home Office


“Floor Culture” & the Home Office

Jason Round



‘FLOOR CULTURE’ is a dual perspective that firstly throws an eye toward the daily habits & practices of cultures which live in closer contact with the floor. Secondly, it represents my proposal of “culturing” such habits in your daily life as the most necessary practice to SUSTAINABLY regain the ranges of certain “fundamental” sitting positions. These perspectives come in advance of a new program release: “Elements for: Sedentary Workers”. Register your interest here: http://movemoremp.com/elements-store/

• CULTURING MOVEMENT HABITS: ‘Floor culture’ & the Home Office. It’s relevant not only because of the current times, but also because in my own work habit I spend anywhere between 6-10 hours a day on a laptop. If I passed those 30-50 hours+ a week sitting in the same position I would most certainly not have the available ranges I do. In the video I go through how I construct my home office and the habits I practice during those more sedentary hours 👨‍💻

• My experience tells me that whilst restriction in positions such as sitting cross-legged, straddle, kneeling, passive & fisherman squatting can be “bullied” into yielding through potent routines, if this is all that comprises your efforts then do not expect the type of lasting change that ultimately means you DON’T have to use those routines anymore. That is, after all, the goal of such specific & regimented (ie not fun) protocols 💊

• Movement is, after all, a highly cultural subject – as it is too social, political, historical, philosophical… perspectives on mobility development that prescribe only exercise-based intervention and do not attend to our deep-seated cultural relationships with space & seating will ultimately be unsustainable or, at best, mechanical & not really conducive to Movement, but rather static forms.

• Signing off this yarn with a quote from a paper which approaches this concept through perspective of art & social studies: “if you are uncomfortable [in the squat], think how someone might feel who was used to this position if they had to sit all day in chairs at school. Perhaps they would feel as uncomfortable as you do now…” ~ ‘Deep-Seated Culture: Understanding Sitting’, Karen T. Keifer-Boyd 📚

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