The Work


The Work

Dare Carrasquillo


insects stir 3/1/23


it takes a lot of concentration, dedication
to become clear in a culture designed for confusion
designed for ignorance


the work, as they say, in all caps with a hint of righteous pride
is not constantly explaining things to ignorantly confused people
becoming famous for explaining and reframing is not justice
but that seems to be the great grift of where we are now


we have to make necessary distinctions
and in doing so not lose the thread
the point of why we have to make these dictinctions in the first place


the particularities make the recipe.
but they are not the sole point of the recipe.


we just get stuck in the muck of conditions
and then we build a temple there


we cant be free until we are responsible
we cant be responsible until we accept responsibility
for our action and their causes
for our desires, preferences, beliefs and delusions
its a full time “job”


we must protect our bowstrung heart from grifters and addicts
otherwise, we cannot hear or feel or play the music of that heartstring
we cannot use it to direct the arrow of our full attention


the struggle is the struggle because the pit is the pit


many snakes in a pit


some have called it the Treasury of Black Worms
others, the Treasury of Red Dust
i can call it, the Pit of Dead Children
the Bag of Black Snakes
the Whole Hole


whatever the case, quit whining and deal


the grifters grift, the hucksters huck, the theives theif
the clouds go by and become dew
the waves foam and spray the sunlight
language eats itself to become new
and actions discover lost potentials


the pain in the heart, like a wave, must become foam
splashing the shore in rhythmic invitation
the disease in the body, in the bag of black snakes
must be met as the other, met as the self


humanity loves to take itself seriously
arrogant in our capacity for rearranging the furniture
we claim lordship over the earth
as our heartmind becomes a fist


laugh at this!
inane! absurd! tragic! comic!
prepare for death in a way that no one has been able to before
prepare for death beyond all tropes and cliches
beyond all traditions, myths and vehicles for conception
surprise yourself with wisdom
dont let the goo stick
kill all your identities and play in the rain of their blood


wake up to the dream
bring a sword to the family meeting
do not strike
but know it
let people have their hell quest
but you
can finally call it quits and hear the jazz
really hear it
before it had a name
before you ruined it with your ideas.




Feature photo by Aron Visuals via pexels.


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