The Bad & The Best


Alex Sporticus   A couple of weeks ago, Edutopia published an article entitled 5 Fun Gym Games to Get Kids Moving. I found the subsequent commentary on the article, mainly via Twitter, absolutely fascinating. Whilst I could understand many of the points made from a range of perspectives, the conversations around the article made me consider how I’ve changed my thinking […]

Communicating from a Place of Sickness & Pain


Dare Sohei   a brief(?) communication about the time i am in:   this is a water tiger (death-fear) year, and all of my inherited and conduct/ignorance related disease symptoms have returned in not a small way. i have learned, brutally, over the last 42 years, about living a life based on a disability justice […]

The Whole Love (On Communities)


Nick Konow If you think you know what I am writing about or who I am writing about, you don’t. If you think my conceit is to make clearer my message or to convince in any way, it’s not. I’m  just digging through the dirt, man….   I don’t believe in community. I don’t believe […]