The Origin of Adaptable Polarity (Part 2): Neutrality


The Origin of Adaptable Polarity (Part 2): Neutrality

Jordan Terry


“Attraction and repulsion are the two opposite poles of action. These must blend into a Neuter [neutral] pole as purpose and usefulness in the economy of function. The end of this circuit is balance, as the completion of the objective of motion and expression of life. This is polarity in its triune action.” -Dr. Stone, Book 1, p 7


Triune nature can be traced across many cultures from the Holy Trinity in Biblical Scriptures to the words of a western scientiest, Dr. Keown, “The body thus consists of a trinity: the outside, the inside, and middle; the ectoderm, endoderm and mesoderm; the Angmion, Yolk, and Blood. This trinity is represented in Chinese medicine by the Taijitu symbol. While most people understand this as a duality, many don’t realise that there are three elements in this symbol: Yin, Yang and the space between the two.”


Dr. Keown quotes a classic Taoist scripture saying, “A cup is only useful because of its emptiness.” He continues, “So it is with the body. It is the space between cells, between organs and between fascia, where the Acupuncture channels lie.” This is not about the acupuncture channels, but following up on the neuter as the space between and the fulcrum around which polarities spin.


So, back to the third option of the human body, that is neutral, or neuter to honor Dr. Stone and the founder of Polarity Therapy (which this is not). The neutral is the “I could take it or leave it” option of the body. It is neither attractive nor repulsive enough for the body to care or flow either direction. Neutrality exists all throughout nature and magnetism, but on a side note, fascinates me that it registers at 250 on the Dr. David R Hawkins Scale of Consciousness in his book Power vs Force. Neutrality, the ability to look at something, and not judge and feel neither positive (+) nor negative (-) about it, actually registers as empowering to the human being (and not to be confused with apathy) on his scale.


Neutrality is the third leg of Polarity, giving the body the ability to access the most stable geometric figure found in nature, the triangle (which will be further discussed in its own segment). The negative and positive poles create the dynamic flow of duality where there must (or so it seems) be a neutral counterpart, or counterbalance, for “economy of function.” A two dimensional tug of war creating polarity is then balanced in three-dimensions by the neutral leg. Upon a later reflection, on an esoteric or spiritual level, if the Tao is the flowing polarities of the dark and light, then the neuter is the god source or unifying field to it all. Maybe, it is just a thought as we look at the connecting forces of the universe, and the fact the experiencer determines the good or bad and dark and light. But I digress…


The concept of the neutral/neuter can be viewed over and over again by watching a pendulum swing. The instant the pendulum reaches each vertex, it is momentarily still before reversing directions. It could be graphed in terms of acceleration and velocity as the pendulum swings from (+) to (0) to (-). To bring it back to the human body and being, this can be observed in gait analysis as we lemniscate through time and space. This is also the idea of the infinity symbol, and all credit to Gary Ward, author of What the Foot!? for this idea to be cemented in my brain.


As we watch someone walk, the most balanced gait is less noticeable, or does not stand out. Meaning, when we watch someone with a limp, even an untrained eye can see that something is not quite right. However, when we lemniscate moving our body and pelvis through the infinity symbol, it is a form of neutrality as polar forces balance. Fascinatingly enough, in electromagnetism, a Mobius coil, cancels its electric charge. It is neutral when a current is run through it.


Therefore, every center point, “atom, molecule, cell, organ, organism, planet, star, galaxy” attracts and repulses in this format. We are no different from the natural world despite our continual efforts to separate the human from nature, or view ourselves as better or more evolved. We are nature born of this planet. We are natural: protons (+), neutrons (0), and electrons (-). Then, we are quarks microscopically below that, by theory. Of which, fascinatingly enough, there are three types of quarks. As small as we can go, there are pairs and triangles.


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