The Origin of Adaptable Polarity (Part 1) : Opposites


The Origin of Adaptable Polarity (Part 1) : Opposites

Jordan Terry


Adaptable Polarity (AP) developed from the idea that we, as humans, need to adapt to all sorts of occasions in our lives. It, also, came about from noticing that the world we live in is continually moving and consistently inconsistent. This movement of life does however have a fundamental principle to flow from one pole to another: night to day, summer to winter etc. It is everywhere in the universe, and from this principle AP was born. The next step was developing a series of seminars to teach to health professionals, and Adaptable Polarity Series (APS) was born.


APS is a dynamic system of touch, awareness, assessing and testing that allows anyone to work with the structure and flow of the human body while simultaneously adding to and honoring each individuals tool box of modalities, skills, and current level of awareness. Additionally, APS helps to provide an organization to any therapist’s individual tool box recognizing there is a place and space for everything.


I honestly think, to the best of my knowledge, this will be the first system to welcome every tool that one has ever learned, and say, “Yes, you are welcome here.” And! Let’s share and discuss about our different approaches. You are welcome to add your twist, and highly encouraged to make it better. Go make the world better, please and thank you.


I can also honestly say that I do not care what one does in a treatment room if the client feels better at the end of the session, end of day, end of month, etc. As long as one is doing their best and offering their honest opinion and truth, I am okay with whatever methods of treatment are deemed necessary. I do not care if someone shakes a stick, wears a mask, uses essential oils, or simply listens intently. There are many things that happen outside my understanding, outside my senses, and I am open to all those possibilities.


“Miracles happen, not in opposition to nature, but in opposition to what we know of nature.” -St. Augustine


“Everything is Dual; everything has poles; everything has its pair of opposites; like and unlike are the same; opposites are identical in nature, but different in degree; extremes meet…”–The Kybalion: A Study of The Hermetic Philosophy of Ancient Egypt and Greece by Three Initiates. The Law of Polarity is considered a law of the universe. As we are part of the universe, this law applies to humans, as well.


We are a representation of the duality, a microcosm of the macrocosm, and understanding this principle allows an individual to change one’s own Polarity. If one can recognize spending too much time in flexion, maybe extension is needed. If one is able to recognize an imbalanced emotional state, the other end of the spectrum may be found. If one can identify that they are spending too much time at one pole with whatever aspect of life, the pair or “opposite” can be identified to swing the pendulum back to center to create balance.


Once fully grasping and understanding this principle, anyone can begin to help others to change their Polarity. It is so very simple, yet complex, and requires someone who is willing to do the work. In Physics, Work is equal to Force times Distance. This is devotion of time, study, and energy invested into making change. The work, also defined by Byron Katie in an emotional self-help orientation, is ever evolving, changing, and seemingly endless like the universe.


“The manifest Universe is inherently polarized, that which we experience as a fundamental duality. This polarity is most fundamentally expressed as an energy dynamic that simultaneously moves both inwardly and outwardly from the center point of every manifest entity. This is the dynamic of gravitational attraction (and contraction) and electromagnetic radiation (and expansion). Every atom, molecule, cell, organ, organism, planet, star, galaxy has a center point towards which energy is attracted and from which energy radiates…a constant interplay of dynamic presence.” on “Dynamic Polarity”


This statement from Cosmometry helped to further concretize the need and importance for the manifestation of APS. Taoist have deemed it the Tao, symbolized by the Yin and Yang as the continual flow which manifests as “inherently polarized.” As human experiencers, we see this as a fundamental duality. Much of life can clearly be seen as dualistic in nature, again night and day is one of the clearest examples here. Although we see this, they cannot be separated, as the Taoist saw and taught, “There is only one.” As such, for one to know day, there is the needed juxtaposition of night to define the other. Would we know night if it were only ever daytime?


Lawrence Richardson writes, “In order for the physical universe to exist there must be polarity. There must be a positive and negative aspect to it. This creates vibration and the vibration allows the physical universe to exist. . . .” -quoted within Putting on the Mind of Christ by Jim Marion


If “Everything in life is vibration,” (attributed quote to Albert Einstein) this vibration comes from the dynamism of the whole in a constant polar push and pull from positive to negative and back and around again. “All of these natural polarities, including light and darkness and positive and negative, make unified wholes. You cannot have a wholeness without both positive and negative poles.” –Putting on the Mind of Christ


Therefore, these poles are in continual movement flowing seamlessly from one to another and back again in an energetic dynamic. This movement is a simultaneous ebb and flow from whatever perceived center point be it the sun, the eye of the storm, or the individual human being. There are only two main options (there is a third option to be discussed shortly hereafter) in any equation around any center point: attraction/contraction and repulsion/expansion. This is at the center of Polarity, and therefore further defining AP.


The human body has these two responses programmed so deeply in our DNA that most of the time it is without conscious awareness that we gravitate towards and away from life. From, “I want that cookie,” to “that plate is hot,” these drives can be elucidated into a plethora of attractions and repulsions that motivate the human being throughout a lifetime. Hunger drives some people to madness, and at the same time the avoidance of hunger can be a drive, or an unconscious urge, that leads to many significant choices. We are then what we choose to do, but if we are driven by these attractors and repulsions, who is really in charge? A discussion for another book, already written by Michael Gazzinaga the father of cognitive neuroscience, Who’s in Charge?: Free Will and the Science of the Brain.


Continued in Part 2.

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