Movement As Language: Description & Terminology


Movement As Language: Description & Terminology

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“Strength” and “Flexibility” are just made up words. ⠀ This movement you see here has a boring jargon name in the Fitness World – “Seated Straddle Forward Hinge with Posterior Shoulder Dislocate”. Or you could just call it “bendy thingy with a metal bar.” It doesn’t matter. ⠀ Your body speaks it’s own language and it’s up to you to learn to understand what it is telling you. It’s like listening to a dog’s bark or baby’s cry – there are different tones. Primarily the body is giving you signals to keep you away from danger. It also steering you towards feeling pleasure. ⠀ Mobility is just a fancy word for “making a shape” with my body. Literally, getting into shape like the common expression. ⠀ This applies to Weightlifters because it is easy to think you have to Snatch and Clean & Jerk a lot to be able to execute the lifts. There are actually many ways to get the joints and muscles resilient to handle the rigorous training of Olympic lifting. These two lifts require us to make “unnatural shapes” with the body – and that’s the beautiful challenge that attracted me to the sport. ⠀ But for everyday people who just want to move better – the same principles as Olympic lifting apply to your body. Weightlifters are not special – your nervous system has the same ability to do this movement as me. ⠀ But it needs to literally spend time in these odd positions to get comfortable and breathe. You can start the journey today to feeling bendy, limber, strong, and just ready for life. ⠀ Think like a baby. They explore and train until they are tired. Then they eat, sleep, and poop. They don’t need a drill sergeant to tell them when to stop and start moving. ⠀ And they have a fun time doing it. ⠀ Link to my free Mobility Starter Course in my bio.

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