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Phaon Phat     An older example, “Training at Growtowski’s Laboratorium (1972)” can be found here.  

The Passive Hang

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Phaon Phipat Jason Round         View this post on Instagram   Jason Round (@movemoremp) on the Passive Hang! Jason is a teacher who resides in Bern, Switzerland. I was over the moon when he agreed to come on for a chat – Jason shares prolifically on his page, blog, youtube. These aren’t […]

A Model for Mastery?


Phaon Phipat   As I get deeper into training, I often wonder – is this all worth it? Does it mean anything? Focus dictates reality, and I believe that empowering yourself to attribute value based on your perception is your saving grace, especially when you’re an hour into a handstand session and wondering whether to […]

Guest Post #2 – Time Vs. Energy


Phaon Phipat   Is time the most valuable resource? Or is your energy? Energy is depletable But restorable When you are low in energy Nothing happens When you are high in energy Great things can happen Time never comes back But sometimes when you have heaps of time … And no energy, there’s only few […]