Guest Post #2 – Time Vs. Energy


Guest Post #2 – Time Vs. Energy

Phaon Phipat


Is time the most valuable resource?
Or is your energy?
Energy is depletable
But restorable
When you are low in energy
Nothing happens
When you are high in energy
Great things can happen
Time never comes back
But sometimes when you have heaps of time … And no energy, there’s only few options – rest or sleep.

And this time quickly slips away.
We can’t control time
But we can control our energy…

How can we cultivate energy?
Looking at the outputs and the inputs:

I ask myself –
Am I impeccable with the output of my energy?
Is there passive leaks through activities I could mindfully step away from?
Even staring at a screen can take energy.
Training can be double edged – it can deplete energy, but it can also provide energy. What’s the tipping point before it’s a negative return?
Maybe it is better to walk away completely today.

Where is my energy coming from?
Apart from sleep and food – is my sense of being, space, activities – helping me to generate energy?
Or are all my activities throughout the day, from the moment I wake up – a slow drain down of my battery.
Breathing, a walk outside, sunshine, talking to another. I can feel energized after.

How is your energy?
Do you seek to cultivate or only to expend?

Thanks to John Marsh for introducing me to these concepts this year.
These have changed my decision making.

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