A Life No Longer Your Own

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Sevinc Gurmen     View this post on Instagram   I just love this photo @e.t.bewild took today while I was lifting. I am breastfeeding here in between sets, because my chubby munchkin needed a little soothing! Everybody says that your life changes so much after having a baby, but you don’t quite get it […]

On Parenting & Fitness


Andre Miller   I was three years into my career as a personal trainer when I first seriously started considering the impact of parenting on fitness. A middle aged couple I was training made an offhand comment chatting after a workout, “People that are our age who don’t have kids are weird.” I took the […]

Moving for Two


Sevinc Gurman   MOVING FOR TWO // How does pregnancy fit in a movement lifestyle   I should warn you that I am not one to tell you that pregnancy is; “the best thing that can happen to a woman”, “blissful and miraculous”, “happiest time of my life” , you get the point… I guess […]