A Life No Longer Your Own

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A Life No Longer Your Own

Sevinc Gurmen



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I just love this photo @e.t.bewild took today while I was lifting. I am breastfeeding here in between sets, because my chubby munchkin needed a little soothing! Everybody says that your life changes so much after having a baby, but you don’t quite get it until it happens to you. My life, is not just mine anymore. Much like my body, was not just my own while I was pregnant. My choices, concious or unconcious, directly effect another being. When I realized what kind of a responsibility this is, it sat a bit heavy in my gut for a while. Luckily I have commited to things so much to put my life on hold for a while before, so I know that this is just a phase and time will pass just like blinking an eye before I can get back to living life the way I want again. This is a time to invest in my relationship with my daughter (and my husband ?) so that we can do all the crazy things we always wanted to do in the future. Time to just love that wigglebutt so much that she feels safe enough to grow and always stay curious. Sidenote, I love it when she watches me train!

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