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Guest Post #6 – Toward a Useful Physical Education


David Zundel   We have widespread ill health. And in the US 42% of us have become obese. PE didn’t help most people. Entertainment, porn, and sports show us buff physiques to consume. We prominently reward athletes. And advertising sells us convenient food. We train people to external direction. Our received ideals of fitness come from military preparedness. And […]

Guest Post #4 – Advancing the Warm Up

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Nicole Uno   A (potential) series on some details I use to progress my ‘warm-up’- which is always the primary objective for my own training.   The warm-up, an ever-changing confluence of where you are currently, the direction you want to head and what you ‘need’ to do to get there. Without consideration, it would […]

Guest Post #3 – Prerequisites, Performance, and Potential


Franco Phang   Here are some ideas that made sense in a snapshot of my life and I think they are interesting starting points for further research, exploration and sharing the process. The execution of Movement Tasks are related to the Prerequisites of the goals to achieve. If you squat with ankle/knee/hip pain, single leg […]

Guest Post #2 – Time Vs. Energy


Phaon Phipat   Is time the most valuable resource? Or is your energy? Energy is depletable But restorable When you are low in energy Nothing happens When you are high in energy Great things can happen Time never comes back But sometimes when you have heaps of time … And no energy, there’s only few […]

Guest Post #1 – “Everything & Nothing”


Chris Lowndes   People go to school and they graduate. Teachers teach and sometimes pupils learn. Maybe the pupil learned only part of what the teachers wanted to teach them. For example they may have learned enough maths to get by and then as life developed they get or work out what else they need to know. […]