Stage Fright & the Nervous System (Part 2)


Amelia Chan   [Part One]   I cannot even tell you how often students come to me asking for a lesson right before an audition or a performance. Or this: I’ll contact you for a lesson when I’ve practiced and “learned” my piece/program. It is such a classical music world thing where all our lives, […]

Stage Fright & the Nervous System (Part 1)


Amelia Chan   Just a few thoughts on this huge topic. When it comes to stage fright, first of all I’d like to point out that what I personally find to be a key missing element from most discussions is the WHAT it is. All the following are valid elements in the cause of stage […]

A Shared Struggle


Steph Lee   Playing with recoil in a restraining costume while in residency for Brutally Submissive. The process fed me so much, creatively and energetically, and I had a lot to reflect after. Mostly, I want to know how to research the performative possibilities within myself and find out how many layers my dancing can […]

Don’t Forget to Have Fun


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The Risk of Performance


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Spontaneity & Fear

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Steph Lee     View this post on Instagram   Spontaneous backbends..are so not my thing. Years ago, I was hit by a car. My youthful ego pushed me back into dancing after 20 days of rehab. I kind of regretted not taking time out for myself then but shook the feelings off. “My body […]

The Invisible Obstacle


Jereme Sanders   Analyzing and Overcoming Fear I’ve devoted my life to progress, to taking paths of resistance whether they exist in the world or in my mind so that I may, through these challenges, better myself. In this journey, I’ve found one obstacle that is nearly always present. This invisible challenge manifests itself in […]

Fear & Awareness

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Still a long way to go with this one but working on getting over the hesitation before going backwards. “Commit and follow my hand” I tell myself before going back but to often, in a rush to just do it, I don’t follow my own instruction. 2 concepts are at play here. Fear and awareness. […]