A Shared Struggle


A Shared Struggle

Steph Lee


Playing with recoil in a restraining costume while in residency for Brutally Submissive. The process fed me so much, creatively and energetically, and I had a lot to reflect after. Mostly, I want to know how to research the performative possibilities within myself and find out how many layers my dancing can take when we go into performance.

I am a not-so-secret hermit. I love dancing most when I am alone. But sharing is also an important part of this physical practice.

For me, the act of dancing represents my physical curiosity and my deepest desire to know myself. Who we are is reflected in how we move. When I share these 30 seconds, I no longer have any control on how my dancing is perceived. And that really scares the shit out of me sometimes. To share something so rare, so precious, so fleeting, so unplanned, so unscripted, so raw, so new to me.

TLDR I totally unsafe sharing all this shit on Instagram. Ping me if you feel the same and let’s talk about why. The process of selecting material for the socials (like why would people even find this interesting??) is beyond me sometimes. Give me a thumbs up if you are an elder millennial.

But look, I am trying and trying to share more of myself. I’m climbing out of the dark winter recesses to look for the light. Whilst in the process of shining this light inwards, I also hope it will reflects outwards and allows me to connect to more souls yonder.



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