Thinking with the Body


Chandler Stevens   It only took us 400 years, but we’re finally remembering that the body is the foundation of our cognitive function, meaning that our mental health and performance is developed from the bottom up. Perhaps more significant: the way that you carry yourself (that is, what you do with the body – how […]

Your Body is Trying to Tell You Something


Chandler Stevens   Part 1 A client I work with really knows her shit. After a successful film career, she introduced a whole new style of yoga to an entire country (where she was a recent immigrant no less – no prior connections). Intelligent. Articulate. Got it together. Yet even though she leads teacher trainings […]

An Integrated Approach to Neuromuscular Training

Nm Training

Our most advanced computers pale in comparison to the human nervous system when it comes to complexity.  And what we know about its function is just the tip of the iceberg.  It pales in comparison to what we don’t know.  But what do we know can give us a strong foundation to build upon. In […]