Scott Daly

]1. How would you define your personal practice? 

A holistic movement practice. I try to find ways to move that help me complete tasks I need to do while focusing on doing them mindfully.  I now try to find the most efficient way of completing task as opposed to the most challenging progression etc.

2.  What turning points have you encountered on your movement journey?

I came from a strength training background and was solely focused on being stronger and leaner.  This lead to becoming sick and exhausted.  It has taken 4 years to make the turn around.  I then became obsessed with trying to obtain specific movements.  This led to a lack of time I am now able so spend gathering, playing with and enjoying friends and family.

3.  What role has injury played in cultivating your current niche?

I fractured my hip in a car accident 12 years ago and this led started my entire journey.  It has also forced me to be very aware of my body and learn what makes it happy.  My niche is to make people find themselves and in doing so they find their health.  We know what is best and not best for us and we just need to align what we think with what we do.

4.  Do you consider yourself a teacher?  Why or why not?

Yes and no.  I teach people to listen to themselves.  While I do help them learn techniques that help ultimately they are their own teachers.

5.  What has been your experience with physical education, both in the schooling system and sought out knowledge/ know-how elsewhere?

Sad.  Overly competitive and driven by this not on self improvement.

6.  How do you involve your mind/ emotions into your physical routines?

They cannot be separated.  How we feel is how we move and how we are perceived by the world.

7.  What are your personal aspirations regarding movement?

I want to be self sustainable.  I want the freedom to do with my body what I dream to do with my mind.  I find purpose by connecting movements with their actual purpose ie. a muscle up is a climbing tool to get on top of something not just an exercise for your upper body.

8.  How can people find/ contact you?  Do you have a site or social media handle to share?

I am rebranding currently.  I own and operate The Healthy Gym in Grimsby, Ontario.  My previous website was Train Daly (still exists) but I do not call what I do training anymore so I have decided to focus on building the community at the gym and am working on a page called Becoming Human.  This website is dedicated to helping people find a community of people trying to increase their intuitive ability, let old stories die while birthing new ones and connecting with what our bodies are made to do (gather food and reproduce).


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