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Corkscrew Squat

Phaon Phipat ...
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Risky Play

Gokce S Hall  (Sevinc Gurmen) Risky games and discoveries called Risky Play are important in terms of understanding and judgment ...
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German New Medicine

Sam Faulhaber [edited by Caroline Markolin — presenter of GNM] I used to make witchy claims based in Thai energy ...
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Solo Timing Exercises

Margot Ciccarelli ...
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Butter Back (part 3)

Jeremy Fein Go Further with Strength. Strengthen your middle, strengthen your movement. STRONG BACK STRONG FRONT STRONG SIDES STRONG EVERYWHERE ...
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Butter Back (part 2)

Jeremy Fein Move All The Pieces. Can you conduct a spinal symphony? ...
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Butter Back (part 1)

Jeremy Fein Why Butterback? You need to move your back in so many ways, whether in athletic movement like throwing ...
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Desk Sitter Series

Gary Stockdale ...
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Playing with Capacity

Stephanie Lee View this post on Instagram A post shared by Stephanie Lee (@stephxtrybe) ...
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Functional Integration (Passive Feldenkrais)

Seth Dellinger When you visit a Feldenkrais practitioner for an individual hands-on session, that’s called Functional Integration. Why?! So I’ve heard, ...
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