Feeling vs. Forcing


Feeling vs. Forcing

Tasha Louie



There always seems to be an exercise that you should be doing to feel a certain way and achieve a certain thing, isn’t there?

If you think it’s going to give you something specific to feel or gain by the end of learning all the progressions to learn how to do The “Real” Thing™️, you might be disappointed. Because it will pretty much feel relatively the same in the beginning when you get there at the end, just with more effort and skill.

Both variations shown here train your spine and torso to side bend. Where most ppl might start and feel the same feel good stretch and oblique work? The same thing with no weight, but few want to start there. But forcing a more advanced progression might only delay the process with frustration, potential injury, and confusion for what it’s “supposed to” (expected to) feel like or even train.

A chair push-up will pretty much feel the same as a floor push-up by the end of it all. And more or less train the same muscle groups. My point? They’re all the real thing, don’t let it mess with your head and slow down your efforts at getting stronger wherever you are in your process by forcing a progression that doesn’t suit you.



Taken from this instagram post.


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