A Taxonomy of Triggers (Part 2)


A Taxonomy of Triggers (Part 2)

Dave Wardman


Properly understood the different classes and orders of triggering should yield a few key insights:

1) there are different classes of trigger. This means that there are different alchemical ‘works’ available to a human being – some being related to timeline issues, some unrelated to them [and thusly being ‘atemporal’, in a way].

2) one can train the body to function as an alembic in which these different works can be separated out from each other – ie one can work upon Cerberus without working directly upon ones trauma or psychological history. This works to a degree: just as one cannot [and should not] work flexibility, strength, agility or skill work on a physical level with certain degrees of injury, tear or illness – so too does work upon Cerberus become not only not-indicated but functionally impossible in some psyches.

3) the essence is that which is not triggered [or triggerable]. It is mechanical habituation of different orders that is what is being triggered. The etmyological definition states it thusly, and the wording is apt. The direction of those upon the quest for auspiciousness is always towards essence, hence towards dehabituation from triggering. Albeit there are different orders and classes of trigger, and these need to be approached in a different sequence and unique way for each individual.

4) anatomy is prediction within parameter. What we watch ‘trending’ through the popular discourse online is not everything there is; simply what is up next in mechanical procession for the apex of the bell curve. If one wants survival and mercurial transit in the 21st century, one must quicken ones perception to a good deal faster than the motion of the mechanical tides. One way this can be done by understanding the anatomy of Cerberus. In turn, learning this anatomy leads one to become aware of other ways to quicken. But, if one tries to use ‘cheat codes’ in the RPG of life, one courts mutation.

5) what is acceptable as determinant and causative of human behaviour is gated by the world-age we are in at present [which under arbitership of the 3rd head and white work phase of Cerberus]. Some of the lost determining factors of humanity are obscured because of Cerberus as a whole [Triangular blocks]; whereas others are insights from different world-ages [different epochs of different Cerberus heads] that the current world-age is purposefully misinterpreting.

These function on civilisation-body and cultural-body layers – but the individual and small group [sub-culture] can remove themselves from these fel-gravities and ‘reforge the blade that was broken’ in terms of *creating* ‘new’ culture, that is actually in resonance with very Ancient principles that we have forgotten, which are inconvenient for the current world-ages’ rhetoric.

6) begin to come to the vantage that many of ones values, beliefs and world-principles are themselves submerged triggers blocking one living ones own life fully and bringing its unique expression to enhanced the symphony of the whole.

7) have compassion for people and their timeline issues without creating a new religion out of trauma and its healing. Reveling in the Great Mystery that is humanity and its multi-hued determining factors, many of which have yet to see the light of day widely.

8) realising there are truths from each Age and epoch that have been forgotten or perniciously reframed [shamanism as ‘psychotechnology’, ‘neuromindfulness’ and ‘yoga’ for wellness, for example] by the anatomy of Cerberus on a world stage. Realise also, that there are timeless trues outside of culture that have existed as a golden thread throughout human history and myth. These are often viewed with scorn and mockery. See that this eras’ Bellephronic hubris in its’ reframing of myth, snickering at ‘perennial philosophy’ and ‘binding of the Square’ [collapsing multiple orders of reality into a homogeneity of the spirit]. This does not mean that every fantastical is true. ‘Aliens and Atlantis’ do not dispense with historical study, which is one of the finest of the orthodox academic disciplines. History is one of the key parallaxes. Consider this from multiple angles.

9) begin to observe the parallax that is the refraction of materia from outside of the Square [outside of Cerberus’ influence] as it strikes the prismatic properties of Cerberus. Trace these shards of colour and hue backward to see things not often perceived. Cerberus creates and triadic ‘hades-aesthetic’ that masquerades as life and ‘aliveness’. Seek to live one’s life and practice ones craft outside of these influences. Seek a way out of the underworld and back to the living Earth. Become an auspicious and benevolent anomaly.



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