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When I posted this around two years ago, I got a lot of questions on making a tutorial because many were convinced it would improve some vague idea of mobility.

I didn’t because broadly speaking, this sequence or any other that you would see on social media, won’t improve your mobility unless you already have access to the mobility it requires to get in each position separately: a deep windmill Cossack squat, horse stance, an internally rotated deep knee bend, and deep lateral side bend. The rest is balance, and learning the transition to link them together.

Why not just make it anyways and let people believe what they want? Sell a course or program? Many already do.

Because as a coach, I want to help people achieve their mobility goals. I’d be doing the opposite if I sell an idea that I know won’t work better than something else.

Sequences like this aren’t magical combos or spells to perform to unlock better mobility.

They are done (at least here on my page) with the intention of exploration, play, expression, and the like. They are shared for enjoyment and inspiration to learn more.

Nuance, education, effort, programming, etc. just doesn’t translate well in a 5-7s reel. That requires attention, focus, time, and rapport with a trainer or coach.

If you want the ability to get in and out of a specific range of motion, it would be more efficient and effective to train those specific ranges individually.

If the intention is to have fun and explore with a cool sequence you saw online, have at it! But don’t expect it to magically give you anything.


[Taken from this instagram post.]

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