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Tasha Louie


Perhaps you don’t lack mobility.
Perhaps you aren’t weak.
Perhaps, there’s nothing wrong with you or how you move.

Perhaps, you haven’t trained, used, or practiced your mobility/strength/coordination like you did when you were younger.

Perhaps, you’ve out trained, used, or practiced other aspects of your physical ability than your mobility/strength/coordination as an adult.

Perhaps your body is adaptable and it has adapted to what you you’ve practiced over time.

Perhaps, give the practice, your body, and yourself, a bit more time. 🙂

Inspired by a conversation with a young adult about how his mother never worked out a day in the gym and has better ankle mobility in a deep atg squat. So much more to address, but for now, I think this is enough.


[Taken from this instagram post from @tasha.louie.]

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