Voice Parallels Movement

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Voice Parallels Movement

Nadia Genois


When I was little I loved being told stories, hearing the voice of loved ones rock me and fall asleep. As an adult, this happens to us too infrequently. There is certainly the music, words, images, cinema of others, but they are distant, unknown. And yet…


Yet, sometimes we receive them, in our body, our soul as if so close, like sweet words, filled with love.


There may be that too when I do a Feldenkrais lesson, let myself be guided, then explore, move under the benevolent words of a teacher. To be accompanied by one voice, that of the other, but also to hear mine, inner dialogue, learn and feel picked up. Then at the end of the lesson, when it comes time to get up, feel deposited, anchored and great. It’s like an offering, looking away. The space in front of and around you. The space itself. I discover who I am, still, always, despite, with, without, constantly evolving. Rite of discoveries and possibilities, an invitation to presence and simplicity.


I have recently been fascinated by the words, those of authors, those of my mentors, those chosen to invite us to exist, to explore and define us. These words that transport us, that name subtleties, nuances, gray areas. Invitation to travel. Then how, from one language to another, words transform and acquire new meanings, or lose them. And in intonation when said aloud, whether they are sung, whispered or shouted, they take multiple forms and colors. Rich in meaning, possibilities, contradictions. And then, hear the voice of the other in all its splendor and complexity. And feel her influence, recognize her. Then differentiate yourself.


Therefore, this question is always necessary; how to find my voice, the one with which I speak, I teach, I vibrate and I live. Voice emerging from the essence, essential. Let emotions explode, choose and be at the origin of your life. Find your way.


“I believe that knowing oneself is the most important thing a human being can do for himself” — Moshe Feldenkrais



Feature Photo by Misael Garcia via pexels.

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