Digital Bakesale


Digital Bakesale

We have some goodies to offer you — products to help you develop your movement skills. Though we are known as the site that “gives everything away”, this practice has led us smack dab into a lawsuit.  We have to raise funds to offset legal costs, and in true TM fashion we’ve found a way to make giving reciprocal.  For any donation you make, you will receive an item of your choice.  Here is a breakdown of what our contributors have to offer:


1.  Adarian Barr – Fixing Running Technique

      • FORMAT: video
      • In a matter of minutes, Adarian teaches a gangly young boy with coordination issues to smooth out his running form and move fast.
      • Adarian’s site:


2.  Christine Ruffolo – Youth Football Programming

      • FORMAT: interactive pdf
      • Created for a coach of 9 year-olds looking to develop mental toughness, contact experience, and sound movement mechanics, this conceptual overview and 90min practice guide takes you through a set of activities that will keep kids engaged with purpose.
      • Chris’s site:


3.  Jason Round – Building a Personal Practice (Phase 1)

      • FORMAT: interactive pdf
      • This thorough guide gives you everything you need to start your journey in developing a habit of personal practice.  Instructions, projects, research investigations, and daily routines all included.
      • Jason’s site:


4.  Jenn Pilotti – Flexibility, Adaptation, & Resilience Webinar

      • FORMAT: zoom recording video (slideshow with commentary)
      • Flexibility from a psychological perspective, including ideas for overcoming roadblocks
      • Jenn’s site: https:


5.  Jeremy Fein – Juggling Bundle

      • FORMAT: interactive pdf, video course link (via
      • Everything you might possibly need to learn the skill of juggling.
      • Jeremy’s site:


The process works like this:

Click the PayPal Donate link (these will be the same throughout the site).  Enter your donation amount and select which item you would like from the drop down menu.  Within 48 hours, you will receive your digital links/ pdfs via your PayPal email.  (Please note that this site is not set up for commerce and a person will be manually responding to emails.  Also, totally OK to make multiple donations to receive multiple products.)


The dropdown menu from the fundraiser link.



If you aren’t able to give funds but still want to help, please spread the word using the share buttons below.




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Please direct any questions you might have to [email protected]




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