German New Medicine


German New Medicine

Sam Faulhaber

[edited by Caroline Markolin — presenter of GNM]


I used to make witchy claims based in Thai energy medicine – I remember knowing someone’s digestion was off because he complained about an ankle injury, and Sen Kalathari is an energy line crossing the gut and every joint. (So do a few other energy lines).

I recall asking a man if he was having trouble with his girlfriend because I was working on his left ankle and it felt energetic, not physical, and the left side represents the feminine. It could also mean an issue with receiving. I have a lot of left side stuff I’m working on myself. Oh, I was right of course – he sighed and told me about it.

Maybe the other guy had women relating problems too. I think it actually was his left ankle.

It all blends together, right?

One thing affects another thing showing up as a third.

We are NOT the bits and pieces and parts that can be looked at in isolation modern medicine that we are in this unwise society.

I’m having a slew of clients recently that have skin issues. (Also trauma from bad visits with gynecologists, but that’s for another day.) Using rudimentary German New Medicine (GNM) tactics, I was able to tell that one had sores relating to a separation from his mother, because he’s right handed, based on what side the sores were on. I know so little still that I have to look up which is which each time still. But I do know where to look, which isn’t nothing. If it had been his other side it would have been based on something with a partner.

Other people have gotten different resolution paths with me. Each has their own specific needs and flavors.

For my own interesting blending, and possibly some TMI, when I was unhappily with Robert (but still striving!) he began to really dislike my smell. This is kind of a big deal, right? From his perspective, it was a hygiene issue. For me, I started to notice that I smelled, too. And I didn’t think that was why. Several lessons here.

I believe my body made itself unappealing to the man it was not working out with. My body knew better than I did. Scent compatibility is a big, primal thing.

At the end of the day today I sniffed myself in the shower, and I’m pretty sure I’ve changed again. Less stinky. Whether my incompatible mate would agree or not, to my schnozz my body chemistry has changed. (Lots of cofactors here, too, including sunlight exposure, stress, etc.).

If I had taken on the belief that I was inherently “unclean” I would have had a pretty bad internal conflict and fear, and maybe I would still be running the same program.

I thought of German New Medicine again. It operates on the fact that your body doesn’t do dumb shit and try to hurt you. This whole world is traumatized and even though the ways it happens to us are stacked up high on modernity’s trappings, the traumas still boil down to a base of very primal, legitimate fears that create very specific reactions in the body.

From the LearningGNM website:

Animals suffer biological conflicts in real terms, for instance, when they are attacked by an opponent, when they lose their nest or territory, or when they are separated from a mate or an offspring. It is this biological conflict experience that connects us with all life.

Since human beings are capable of symbolic thought, we are able to experience biological conflicts also in a figurative sense. For us, an attack conflict can be brought on by an offending remark, a territorial loss conflict with an unwanted move, a starvation conflict through the loss of income, a sexual conflict when our partner is “mating” with someone else, a self-devaluation conflict because of abuse, or a death-fright conflict through the shock of a cancer diagnosis.

In GNM, the PSYCHE is regarded as an integral part of the human biology. It is the ‘organ’, so to speak, that inherently recognizes dangers. At the very instance of a DHS, the psyche associates with the event a specific biological conflict theme such as “anger in the territory”, “worries in the nest”, “abandonment by the pack”, “separation from a mate”, “loss of an offspring”, and so forth. This association happens in a split second and entirely on a subliminal level. Thus, it is the subconscious reading and subjective assessment of the conflict situation that determines which Biological Special Program will be activated. Yet, how exactly the subconscious mind perceived the particular conflict is only revealed when the physical symptoms arise. Whether a person gets a sore throat, comes down with a cold, has diarrhea, develops a skin condition or a certain cancer is therefore dependent on how the conflict was experienced when the DHS occurred. NOTE: We can also suffer a conflict with or on behalf of someone else.

It goes without saying that our past experiences, our social and cultural conditioning, our values, our beliefs, our knowledge, our expectations, our vulnerabilities, our fears, and other factors contribute greatly to the perception of a conflict situation. Psychological aspects can undoubtedly create a predisposition for a biological conflict. However, independent of a DHS [trauma] they are not able to activate a Biological Special Program, because, like other species, we humans respond to unexpected distress biologically rather than intellectually or on a solely psychological level.

The other modern issue is a massive lack of resolution, so whatever the body does to help you survive (a Biological Special Program) kinda gets stuck in the on position and soon you are Lucy Ricardo trying to compensate for too many chocolates on the conveyor belt and losing fast. How old are the people that read my newsletter?

But wait! There’s more.

When the healing begins, we interrupt the shit out of it so that it doesn’t reach resolution either.

In an act of hilarity, you know how people always say to “finish your round of antibiotics even if you’re feeling better so it can finish the cycle?” The antibiotics and the fear driving their prescription stop the healing process, which would be letting the body finish healing so it can finish its cycle. A better parallel phrasing would be to “finish your healing process even if you’re feeling like shit so it can finish the cycle.”

We’re a bunch of open doors, societally.

Kids are dropped off with strangers and separated from their parents in a land they know nothing about. Nothing we do is natural.

It may sound crazy to you but the key to resolving all these open wounds and completing the biological processes is to resolve the conflict that caused them.  As soon as the conflict is resolved, healing sets in.

The Biological Special Programs are not activated by “old stories” – unless we are dealing with chronic conditions, for example, a skin rash that started in childhood and, since the underlying separation conflict has not been addressed, still shows in the present time. Most Biological Special Programs relate to the recent past. – When the conflict is resolved, only those microbes (fungi, bacteria) participate in the healing process that are biologically linked to the specific organ or tissue (details see Fourth Biological Law).

This may all sound like German to you (ha ha ha) but if you can’t stop thinking about something that happened in the past, start asking yourself if it is affecting your health.



Feature photo by Aneta Hartmannová on Unsplash.

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