Memetic Cadavery


Memetic Cadavery

Dave Wardman


[*] memetic cadavery I


Recently I shared a meme to this group entitled ’20-something year old thiiinkers’.


Now the attention-wave hath passed, I shall dissect it in terms of a ‘commentary on the disenchantment features’ it is poking fun at. On the other side of the earth it is still the Fool’s day. So I will do this post, now – for it is a function of the Fool to present ‘Juths’ [joke-truth]. And this meme is a juth [as is this post].

There are a few corrections/augmentations I would add to make this juth hum with even greater congruence in terms of its usefulness as an etiological aid within reenchantment work:

Firstly: it isn’t about age*. It shows the configuration of someone afflicted by the third strain of disenchantment as they move out of what I call the ‘black work’ into the ‘white work’. It is a pretty good representation of this phase without too many of the mutation patterns creating variants.

As humourous as it is ‘biblically accurate angels’ is actually one that is part of different mutation of the strain within – but slightly further along – the white phase. As such it is slightly out of place.

And of course I would add some of my personal favorite ‘tells’ of this pattern: ‘paradigm shift in the Kuhnian sense’; [3-5 cogent paragraph facebook comment reply/rebuttal]; ‘biopsychosocial’ model, and so on and so forth. If you wanted to localise the pattern within the physical work sphere you would change the phrases to any number of the ones I have used in this group for this over the last 7 years.

This being said: the meme is encouragingly sharp. This whole specific disenchantment thing is not my creation, I am just pointing out features of it ahead of the bell-curve. But as you can see, some of it is beginning to lose its opacity to a wider audience.

There are some that proclaim memes are ‘dumbing us down’ as a population, and whilst there are plenty of shit and nefarious memes out there that are likely degrading civilization [or symptomatic of said degraded civilization], there are also ones like this one, which for me represent a type of memetic evolution and collective immune system response, unfolding in front of our very eyes.

For this is not actually a mockery of peoples choice of philosophical concepts and constructs when it is understood from a reenchantment vantage point – but a ‘pathophysiology’ and ‘symptomatology’ of a specific disenchantment patterning.

The reason why it *hits* people who are afflicted by it is because they consider that they have actually chosen these philosophical stances, but this is not so [as you can see by some memes beginning to point out the mechanical aspects so adeptly].

Whereas people who are diagnosed with syphilis or piles or whatever physical disease ailments can understand nowadays that an outside disease vector and/or internal perversion of healthy physiology create an environment where the behaviour and function are altered, the same is not [yet] true in regards to the effects of the disenchantment patterns afflicting the organism.

Why – beyond the embodied mirth potentiality and memetic survival skillset enhancement – am I performing a dissection on this meme [?]

The answer is that [functionally] no one with this patterning can speak about reenchantment. This meme is ‘evidence of parallax’. This also means they cannot generate the mesoteric effects in the physical body associated with training within this paradigm no matter what they try or for how long. So you can take this as permission to dismiss any and all that someone has said on these things if they have 3 or more of the features of this meme. Not even if the brains of ten thousand of their number were linked in parallel hyper-nuanced array could they have anything of useful to say on this. It is not possible for them to see what is involved, as this lens makes the phenomena in question obscured and ‘intentionally’ redirected and misapprehended. Got nuthin’ to do with intelligence. It has to do with affliction.

And not to worry – there will be memes to offend all three strains and their equally unchosen correlation patterns to come. In fact these memes can be seen as maps to the way people ‘chose’ not to see features of the reenchantment.**

[*** intermission ***]

Even better than the meme is when you see someone trying to defend/explain/argue/correct/reason why these actually are important: With: ‘language shapes thought’, ‘absence of evidence is not evidence of absence’, ‘plato’s cave’ and ‘correlation does not equal causation’ being prime amongst the ones presented to view the oftentimes more illuminating than the meme itself, second order ‘tap-roots’.

The sombre balance to the mirth is that if you escape this phase of this specific strain you will see that you did not actually choose these notions.. they were attracted to the strain like flies to a dung heap.

’20 something’ wayfares pleasantly into a wasted life.

Fortunately juths point to what you ain’t.

So, if you want to dis-identify with the ‘case of psychic hemorrhoids’ on display, a cure is possible. Some *cauterization* may be necessary.. but just as this meme is indicative of a collective memetic [and sub-memetic] immune response, so too can you as an individual build up you memetic immune system and expel the parasites of the disenchantment [this may even be benevolent side-effect of what I teach [😲] ].

[instrumental outro]

[*] So, IF you found this memetic cadavery interesting/useful/amusing – let me know, for I can do more [or not]. I know it is a bit weird to link memes to the mestoteric potential of physical training. It is odd for me, too! It’s just turned out this way.

[*] Also, IF there is enough engagement with this mode of delivery I can cram all of you motherfuckers into the DeLorean and show the imagery of a meme further along than the author of this meme is presenting [and what is available in the public forum] and the game will be you have to put words to the picture..

Happy Fool’s Day!



* the meme itself was likley crafted by someone further along the same strain [but still within it] – one hint is this strain are ‘sequential linear timeline addicts’ until the end. Hence ‘age’.

** [‘Apophatic memetic juths’ as mapping necessary *dismissal*.. yeah.. I am totally going to put these into the tome, alongside some shitty sketches; which for some reason partially known to me enhance the ‘gestalt’ of it all.]

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