Parkour Game: Jailbreak


Parkour Game: Jailbreak

Jereme Sanders



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You are a wrongly accused prisoner that finally has a chance at freedom. You have to navigate through a treacherous obstacle course but you’re not alone. You must make it through this course while attached to someone else. You both will need to work together to find your freedom.

  • Players are tied to at least one other person before they start the course.
  • Each pair is their own team, neither helping nor hindering the other teams.
  • After a team makes it to the end, they should move around the perimeter back to the start and try another variation of being tied together – by their ankles or with  multiple combinations.
  • If a team becomes untethered or falls out of bounds during the course they will return from the perimeter to the start and fix their ties if needed before restarting.

It’s important be aware of the limitations that this game will impose and to communicate with your parner(s) in order to be safe and excel through the challenges.




To escape from 1 point to another.

You are shackled to a partner and must work
together to escape.

Open space with obstacles giving different path opportunities and challenges to get from A to B.
– Optional: Soft ground area or cover – Grass, rubber
floor, or thin mats – and obstacles spread close
enough to offer a ground is lava version.

At least 2 escapees.

Something to tie each pair of players together like
a rope, cloth, bandana, etc.
– Optional: Timer.

–  Attached Restrictions: Tying hands together, Wirst, ankles and combinations.
– Goal: Players must perform specific challenges.
– Players: Multiple players tied together.
– Timer: To complete the challenge during the time
– Environment: Close enough obstacles for ground
is lava.


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