Taking Responsibility for Your Own Path

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Taking Responsibility for Your Own Path

”I must create a system or be enslaved by another man’s”

I am a system of systems, developing through systems..

Not following a system in order to be more free is a charming delusion. We must use the collective knowledge, and adapt everything to ourselves (a dynamic temporal entity) as needed. But making it all on your own? Meh..

The movement practice has helped me recognize, understand, update, dissolve and discover layers of my being that were UNAVAILABLE to me years ago. It’s interesting to what you gain access through practicing the body-mind. But the Movement practice itself is not something I’ve discovered or cultivated without outside help.

Forever grateful to Ido Portal for opening the doors. When you find a real Teacher, study under his guidance for as long as you have the opportunity to, as nothing facilitates growth more than the right guidance.

None could do the work for you though.


The concepts and ideas that I work with through the practice of the body are easily recognizable, transferrable and applicable in many other fields. The reason I guess is rather simple – the body is ever-present and our entity is THERE, regardless of the environment. It’s a basic realization, and it’s not a matter of choice or preference. It’s a reality that we do align with or not, with the subsequent effects of our choice.

This is too often neglected, underestimated, laughed at, ignored, misunderstood, mishandled. And the results are quite obvious and are all around us.

Solutions of the endless mind circles could not be found through the mind circling.

Each person is a unique case of its own. There could be no one method that serves everybody equally. What works for one may destroy another. Attempting to solve the puzzles for myself I began the journey under the Ido Portal method.
What has helped me so far:
1. Wide general exposure – create reference points, get to know about yourself through stretching the range of experience in a safe and not destructive manner, by engaging in various movement scenarios that have very different demands to your system. No, you’re not as capable as you thought. Yes, it’s humbling.
2. Creating terminology for communication – because the body is .. the same body, regardless of the environment that’s in the actions could be described by a trans-disciplinary terminology. This truly accelerates the learning process and makes you see beyond what’s being usually shown.
3. Creating a center (core) practice that addresses basic capacities (strength, mobility, motor control, coordination). Without this layer, much else is limited to the weaknesses/inabilities of the system. Learning a handstand without shoulder mobility, grappling with bad knees, sprinting with weak spaghetti legs.. etc, etc ,etc Physical capacities multiply the possible movement solutions.
4. Individualize
Find your own rhythm, tempo, way of doing, way of being. Only after you fail to achieve through the general hard work. 3-4-5 weeks of strict work + 1-2-3 of playing around with the materials. Add, subtract, combine in a novel ways.. Twist your plans to fit your current being better. The plan’s there to be disregarded sooner or later.
5. Prioritize
Still trying to put that in my stubborn head. So the note to myself ”Yes, dear, you’ve now found a great way for growth and development, and yes – you’ve missed a lot of years that would never come back. Regardless, trying to spread yourself in all directions simultaneously results in internal tensions and very little movement/development/growth compared to the efforts that are in. You’re not a hard worker, you’re a fucking idiot.”
6. Reflect
Stop for a moment. What did you do? What could be improved?
What did you learn? How would you act upon that knowledge? etc, etc,etc. Mountains, lakes, rivers, forests, open fields are a great place to reflect. IT will also happen by itself, as long as you free some space in the childishly overwhelmed mind.
I do believe I am following the best Teachers that are possible to find in the subject of interest (MOVEMENT). Being an EXAMPLE in your ACTIONS is what being a Teacher is first and foremost. But they are greatly limited in what they really could do for me (time, location, attention).
So I do take responsibility for my own path.. And walk it as I can, for as long as it is.

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