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Neurobation: the tedious and unnecessary use of brain science terminology when every day words will suffice.

It’s a thang. Caste your gaze around social media and you will not doubt its increased prevalence. It has strongly entered the physical work sphere. It has even proceeded into the C2rberus and C1rberus segmentation of the disenchanting current [but let us not get a head of ourselves ..😐]

Neuro [brain science] + ‘bation’ [onanism] = cleverclever mindwanking with a brain science flavour base.

Obviously, some professions have a necessity around the usage of brain science terminology: neurosurgeons, anyone chemically manipulating neurohormonal substances via exogenous means, ophthalmologists, et al. This is no problem. So the emphasis is – as per usual – on seeing the metameta; which comes in with the ‘tedious’ and ‘unnecessary’ parts of the glossary description.

What we are looking for is the mindshape using neuroscience to show certain things about itself.

In this seeing into, we look at not just the wording: but the timing. We look at not just the structure of the sentence: but the structure of the physical form uttering or typing the sentence [if available]. More importantly we look at the mechanical triggering and the ‘cannot, not’ phenomena.

When I prod jestorially at neuroscience in the physical work sphere [in particular its humorous incarnation in ‘movement philosophy’].. this is not in any way a jibe at the use of brain science to heal severe injuries in human beings. It would be a gross lack of compassion and empathy to downplay the use of this body of work in doing profound healing work with human beings who have been dealt a poor hand by fate or happenstance.

What it is is a pointing to a metametapattern. There is a difference between remedial work and generative Work. What I am pointing to is not actually the science of the brain but the covert hijacking of the research by an active false self pattern toward its own ends.

neuroreligious pattern.

That shows its metaonanism via the masturbation of its centre’s physical substrate.

It is so obvious it is totally opaque.

The mindshape of the head centre utilising the science of the physical organ in its proximity to maintain cloaking via the Square-binding [see video] of all material outside of the mindshape into the terminology and epistemology of brain science. As white work C3rberus as one could ever hope for [and currently ‘best practice’].

And; it is in the ‘unnecessary’ and ‘tedious’ that one views the Square binding. Turn off the sound when you watch people neurobating in video format. Turn off the sound and watch the physical form. Don’t watch the anatomy. Don’t interpret. Just. Watch. The. Human. Form. Speak. Words.

IF you are a practitioner of physical methods, you can also do an experiment: see how little neurological terminology you can use in teaching your classes or running your sessions.

People have been accomplishing all sorts of amazing physical feats and successfully training humans in physical arts and traditions over millennia before brain science came into being.

People have been attaining contemplative and spiritual states for millennia before brain science came into being.

What this means is you do not [technically] have to know brain science to get very high level results in physical and contemplative arts for yourself or in the teaching of others.

This does not mean that one cannot, or should not, study brain science [that is a neuroreligious recoil to the perceived threat to its binary nature]. Particularly if one is rehabilitating humans with brain and spinal cord dysfunction – one should.

But learn to sift.

One can know brain science and never speak it [in theory]. It could be a tool and not a map [in practice].

In the mindshape work upon the disenchantment the increase in neurobation is intimately tied to the locus of this period of history within the white work of C3rberus upon the civilization level. Individuals can and have exited this phase.. so in theory the civilization could so too [as fringe as that sounds].

As mentioned at the beginning: as much as this is a C3rberus pattern, it has already entered the disenchanting current reaction and is being propagated by C2rberus and C1rberus. And if you study the how, the why and especially the when of this you will learn a great deal about the differences in the mindshapes.

C2rberus, for instance, will interface with things like: ‘Spell of the sensous’; ‘sex at dawn’; ‘cultural conditioning’; deep ecology and Aldous Huxley. And on and on and on. In one of its coagulations. And ‘neuroleadershiping’ ‘neuroethicalmarketing’ ‘neurocharisma’ ‘neuroembodiment’ ‘neurowealth’ ‘neuroequity’ in another. The first will have a resistance to the idea and actuality of human beings in states of non-dual awareness – but it is a very different resistance than C3rberus has [which we will talk about soon]: can you tell me why [?]

Can you see the dissonance in the C1rberus manifestation of neurobation [?]

Prizes on offer.


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