Doubt, Death, & Gardening


Doubt, Death, & Gardening

Andre Miller


Stupidity is the best synonym if one is uncomfortable using the word evil. It seems as if the evil individual could only be educated, their actions would change. If they had the missing understanding you and I held then they would choose another course of action, one we would see as wise rather than foolish. Yet it is a tautological fact that everyone in the world no matter the place or time is doing their very best, if it were not so, would they not choose otherwise? If they could make a better choice, they would, any fool knows that.

So here we all are making our best choices, every moment, all over the world, and we made it! We’re here! Many have fallen, but we have prevailed, and yet we still doubt, we are not certain what has worked in the past for us will continue to work in the future, or at least get us there. Yet here we are, again and again, how could we still disbelieve?

Perhaps it is our own foolishness or stupidity which has led us here, to scratch, to scrutinize, to nag at the door of rationality to let us in and see for ourselves from the lens of the microscope just how certain we really can be about a guarantee of existence.  Perhaps our presence wasn’t enough, and therein lies the essence of human malady, it wasn’t enough for us to know, we had to know that we knew.  It wasn’t enough for us to stand on our own two feet and see that we exist, we needed to reach down and pull our own feet up only to fall flat on our self-actualizing buttocks. In doing so we have become uprooted.

It was fear of the unknown, uncertainty and a general feeling of uneasiness stemming from the sensation one doesn’t quite have what it takes to make it that has caused this uprooted and disconnected feeling. At one time, when trust was not a scarce commodity within ourselves, sensation was richer, connection was deeper and the fluidity of our beings to adapt to an ever changing environment was at its best. Fear puts on blinders, it creates excess tension, it exhausts us through anticipation and it bewilders us with information we believe to be of no value. While much of negative effects of this primal fear are most certainly encumbering, the value of a certain kind of information provided by fear is most indispensable. It is the fact you will not make it, while it is true you have made it and are alive thus far you are most certainly a mortal being on your way to a very  certain and eminent death. So there you have it, and before you get too carried away, just remember, you don’t.

So we have run the experiments, 100% percent of the time, every day you wake up you are alive, here, have made it and you have no reason to doubt you will not tomorrow. This is just good science, and yet you find a way to worry yourself silly, preparing this, doing that, making sure not to touch those, in order to safeguard against the off chance death is riding high on your heels. If we take a look at any evil, stupid or similarly categorized action, we always find a common denominating core relating that action to the individuals primal fear that death is coming for then sooner than it should. Why steal if you are confident your needs will be provided for? Why be violent if your physical safety could not be jeopardized? Why cause any conceivable harm to anything if circumstances will provide for the continuation of your existence without any alterations of any kind?

It is from the platform of these two understandings the proper mood can be struck where an individual can live their best life free from evil, stupidity and superfluous fear. The first understanding is, yes, you have done it, you are alive, and the universe is perfect in its accommodations for you. The second understanding is, no, you will not make it and while the conditions are ripe now, a time will come for all of this to pass. The leap one must make from these two platforms is one of faith, to step out into the future and act with absolute certainty of action and devoid of all forms of fear. To act in accordance with the knowledge of one’s imminent death without fear of death is to banish all doubt.

To act without doubt is most certainly to do our best. Perhaps we always were doing our best, but it didn’t feel like it because we had too much doubt. Doubt arising from some corner of our being we did not consider because we believed we had the one thing we do not, more time. Our own personal deaths help us to understand we do not have any extra time. Death advises to never be hurried and never be idle, for to become hurried is to make oneself idle and to become idle is to make oneself hurried. When one see’s their death without indulging in fear the course is clear and can be plotted at a pleasing pace.  A pace that allows one to fully uncover the joys of arriving at the totality of themselves and the situation they find themselves in. When one chooses from this position, they choose from their innermost predilection. Something much deeper than a favorite, a highest preference or even one’s last wish. Not only does acting from one’s innermost predilection entail it would be one’s last wish, but more than a wish , it entails the individual also has the power to proceed. A person’s predilection implies the power to proceed since the ability to make something happen is a necessary and fundamental facet of factual possibilities.

So when you are asked, “If it was to be your last act on earth, what would it be?” don’t think of  superficial, overly romanticized bucket list type activities that bear so little meaning to the entire scope of your being and the knowledge you have gained from your existence. Consider it all, does it sit in agreement with all you have come to earn from your existence? Does it please and satisfy the soul as deeply as if it was made the utmost assurance you truly had the freedom to choose your deepest desire? Does it engage the totality of yourself ensuring nothing is left apart from the experience? And lastly does it engage with all that surrounds you ensuring nothing form the experience was left apart from the self? Choose wisely, with respect and with patience, with fear but not in fear and you will begin to cultivate a garden around you.

A garden is a space in which one has been afforded the opportunity to fill it to the brim with one’s innermost predilections. It is these predilections that allow a person to reground themselves. Gardening is a systematic approach to unearthing one’s innermost desires, manifested in real time as one takes their stand against death in their own personal way. Each and every human must heed the wisdom of death in order to find their own personal way of overcoming the evil of their own stupidity in order to fulfill the last and final commandment, to banish doubt and arrive at the totality of oneself.

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